Monday, December 1, 2008

PAD: We Need to "Re-Educate" the Dumb Farmers to Think and Act Like Us

Bangkok Protesters Aim to ‘Re-educate’ Rural Thai Majority

Daniel Ten-Kate


As the world waits for Thailand to end a week-long occupation of Bangkok’s main airports, the anti- government protesters who seized them say their efforts to transform the country are only just beginning.

If they win what they have dubbed their “final battle,” Bangkok-based People’s Alliance for Democracy members say they will start a campaign to tell “the truth” to the country’s rural majority, which has elected parties linked to former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra four times since 2006.

“Rural people have good hearts but they don’t know the truth like we do in Bangkok,” said Noppakoon Lagum, 37, a surgeon helping to occupy the main international airport. “It is our duty to re-educate them.”


‘Blinded’ by Media

Those opposing Thaksin are confident that his rural backers could be converted if they could access an independent television station like the satellite channel operated by protest leader Sondhi Limthongkul.

“Rural people are blinded by corrupt media and need to listen to ASTV,” said Thanapol Buranasombati, a protester, referring to Sondhi’s station that broadcasts the rallies around the clock. “When the poor farmers know the truth about what is happening they will side with us.”

The opposition Democrat party won only four of 135 seats in the northeast during the last election, while taking 27 of 36 seats in Bangkok. Some anti-government protesters at the airport said they wouldn’t need to seize the airports and change the political system if the Democrats could win enough votes to form a government.

“We don’t need to convince all northeasterners to join us, just maybe 50 percent,” said Patcharaporn Vijitpanon, 58, who has joined the protests for months. “If we do that then we can have a new election and the Democrat party can win.”

The PAD and its fellow travellers are self-delusional. They think the lies and hatred spewed in the Manager and The Nation represents education, censoring and beating up reporters represents a free press, violently taking over Government House and the airports represents politics, and disenfranchsing 3/4 of the country epitomizes democracy.


David said...

Government of Thailand by a fully elected parliament for the benefit of all Thai people is good

Government of Thailand by a few ruling families for their benefit is wrong

The families ruled Thailand for many years and look what a mess of corrupt governments and corrupt military dictators that was.

And the ruling families left most of Thailand undeveloped,except for the parts that they shared with the Americans.

Fully elected governments have ruled Thailand for a short time and have developed all the country for all the people. Even the families benefitted, but had to share and they hate that.

So, do you want to continue with democracy or just with the families?

... are you in or out?

matty b. said...

I can agree with that "self-delusional PAD" bit Fonzi. That must mean none of these 'educated' PAD hard-cores have really met nor engaged a Thaksin follower.

I have and I had on three occasions. I was patient to listen to their points too. But once I started explaining the sins of Thaksin that friendly conversation immediately turned hostile. BTW those pro-Thaksins I engaged were educated and not poor BUT they will NOT debate me.

David said...

hi Matty..

first, I am a democracy supporter (you know, MPs chosen by vote of all the people)

and, because there seems to be such focus on Khun Thaksin I have been drawn in to look at the performance of his governments and also his personal activities

so, with that caveat, that:

a. democratic governments are the best basis for ruling a country

b. governments by ruling families for their benefit, ignoring the express wishes of ordinary people, are wrong

I am happy to debate....