Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jai Ungpakorn SOAS YouTube videos (update)

I agree with much of the analysis. He is a good critic. He doesn't really attack the monarchy, so nothing much there. In fact, I don't think he has ever bashed the king personally, ever. He saves much of the vitriol for the PAD, the military and the Democrats. He rehashes a lot of the "Coup of the Rich" arguments.


I added part 4, which wasn't available before, but now is. He actually criticizes the monarchy much more in this bit. He goes after the Crown Prince for the infamous video, which, if you haven't seen it, is pretty revolting and dehumanizing.


Red and White said...

Thanks for posting this Fonzi. Usually I find Giles interesting but disagreeable. This time though, I agreed with nearly everything he said.

Roger said...

Good analysis of how Thai society works, but to believe for a minute that the Red Shirts are in any way better or more interested in democracy than the Yellow one is delusional!

Go in any Thai village and ask people what they want: money, and they will vote for who give it to them (during recent election in the far away village I am very familliar with, people were gievn 800 baht for the election of the village headman, which is a huge amount for a very small election)

Would the Red Shirt be able tochange that? And how? there is one obvious answer to that...

Thai_Native said...

If you were not born and raised in Thailand for your whole lives, please DO NOT foolishly make any "seem-to-be" suggestive comments on Thailand and its Thai natives because you just have no clue whatsoever!!!...really!!!

Do not make a fool out of yourself!

Wake up and start learning our Thai history and related facts (not fictions or opinions) YOURSELVES if you DO NOT want to be easily fooled and blindly led by non-native-Thai, insincere people like Jai Ungpakorn and his associates.

If you are so uncomfortable and so disgusted with our Thai ways of lives and Thai cultures, please get out of or do not come to our beloved country, Thailand. You are not welcome anytime!!!

"Why look at few pitiful dying trees when you can see the whole blooming forest?"

Get Smart!!!

From a highly-educated Thai native

Thai_Native said...

Oh my goodness, Jai Ungpakorn is really a BIG FAT LIAR. Why? Because Jai Ungpakorn distorted the facts in these videos.

If one immediately believes in his speeches without further search for proof, one must be really stupid indeed. Get Smart!!!

Thai_Native said...

The Golden Jubilee Network (

Learn and figure it out yourselves.

Get Smart!!!

Roger said...

For sure I was not born in Thai though I spent a lot of time there and have very close links there (a quick look at my blog would show that I am far to be "disgusted" by Thai culture...)

For sure we disagree on one thing: shouting at people does not make sound argument in a debate. I'd love to get smart with your help in the form of an educated discussion, not insults.

But I am sure that as a Thai, you have learn your Thai history. The one that is uncensored, I mean...


Fonzi said...

This is what Thai Native wrote:

Dear Khun Roger,

For your information, I am 41-year-old Thai male. I was born and raised in Thailand. I was educated in Thailand for 19 years and in US for 10 years. I live and work in Bangkok as an educator. I love watching ASTV (URL = mms:// because ASTV is the ONLY Cable TV channel in Thailand, which give "uncensored" facts to interested people, including myself, and then have people think and make judgement themselves.

If you called a few posts of mine as "insults", you missed the point I tried to make because, if you reread it again, my main concept is to have interested people learn Thai facts themselves before making any judgements on Thailand. Not just by listening to Jai and his associates' distorting speeches at SOAS or reading Jai's “Red Siam”...basically, I WANT people to get smart with their on intelligence based on facts not fictions or deviated opinions. I even gave a useful link to have people start learning by themselves about our beloved King.

Do you know how Jai Ungpakorn was built?

What has been Jai Ungpakorn's goal in life?

Do you really know?...Correct answers to the above questions will make you really understand why Jai has been expressed himself in this fashion all along. Please do some researches.

And, I said it out loud that if one doesn't like THE WAY WE ARE AFTER HUNDREDS OF YEARS OF DEVELOPMENT, why wasting times criticizing us?, no offense!...I am sure there are more than one countries in this world that will fit one's need, one's belief, one's desire, and one's wellfare for the rest of one's life.

I love my country like you love yours. So, I absolutely can not stand deviation of truths about my country. I am sure you'll feel the same for your beloved country.
I DO NOT just blindly disagree but I disagree based on facts and reasons.

Remember "Freedom of Speech is not a Right to insult another people with prejudice"...IF IT IS NOT A FACT, IT IS A LIE!

Last but not least, Khun Roger, I know Thai "history" more than you ever imagine...seriously

I had to censor his phone number and his apparent threat of violence because I thought that was inappropriate.

Fonzi said...

Khun Thai Native-

The fact that you believe that The Manager is a legitimate source of information and facts really defeats your argument about how educated you are.

Neither the Thai government's propaganda bureau nor The Manager are legitimate sources of information.

By the way, I find it interesting that you wrote that you need to be born and raised in Thailand for your whole life to understand the truth, but you freely admit that you lived in the US for 10 years, so you must be ignorant as everybody else who didn't spend every minute of his life on Thai soil, which would make PM Abhisit and HMTK ignorant as well, since they both spend the first 20 years of their lives outside Thailand also.

Thai_Native said...

This is what "Fonzi" made a note on my latest posted:

I had to censor his phone number and his apparent threat of violence because I thought that was inappropriate."

And, this is really what "Fonzi" censored and called "apparent threat of violence":

"Call me on my cell +xxx-xxx-xxxx. I will make you wise up Thailand wise."

Fonzi, you just can not handle the truth, right? Why did you deviate the truth with PREJUDICE like this?
Wise Up means Threat of Violence???

Fonzi, you obviuosly show how narrow-minded you really are in your latest opinion commenting on my post. Do you know the word communication? I was not in the Amazon jungle; I was in US and was well informed by people back home. I even voted.

I just want to point out that I have experienced both worlds, Eastern and Western. I am well equipped, Man!

And, I have my own brain. I can process, evaluate, confirm and make conslusions on "uncensored" facts myself. ASTV does not lead me to think its way. ASTV just gives me "uncensored" facts, which I can not find in anywhere else. Understand?!

Watch ASTV sometime and may be it will wise you up as well, Fonzi.

Fonzi, I feel so sorry for you, especially if you are Thai, because you just can not differentiate between facts and opinions!

Fonzi said...

Thai Native-

Yes, making somebody wise up means violence to me.

If I interpreted it wrong, I apologize.

As for Sondhi Lim's media empire, Manager and ASTV, I'm sorry, but nobody except the brainwashed yellow shirts believe in its credibility.

Sondhi Lim smeared bloody tampons all over the King Chulalongkorn's statue and you believe him? He has no credibility. Zero. Only lies and smears.

Roger said...

I don’t often agree with Fonzi, but for once we are in full agreement. The idea that you have to be Thai or have to live in Thailand to write about Thailand or have an opinion about it is ludicrous. If true we would have to burn 5,000 of history books written by people who have never set foot in the country they write about. Let’s start with Homer…

Do I need to be an Egyptian living in Pharaonic Egypt to write about Ramses II? A roman centrurion to write about the Cesar’s wars? Robespierre to write about the French Reviolution? Khun Somchai to write about the Yellow shirts gun firing on their compatriots?

The best book about Thai history are not written by Thai, not that they are not capable of, but because with law such as Lese-Majeste, the topic of this post remember?, they simply can’t be open and honest!

But like you I’d like Thai people to be well informed, to use their brain and make their own judgement. They can’t do that if there is a law preventing it.

Thai_Native said...


Effective communication is everything, alright.

Therefore, in order to wise your vocabulary up, I quote this link... for you, Fonzi.

My information is FACTS NOT FICTIONS. Straightforward, nothing complicated, right?

I will not respond or comment on your 3rd and 4th paragraphs because I think it is very subjective. But I just want to say that all the facts are always there for you to learn, evaluate, confirm and make conclusions YOURSELF. Nobody brainwashes anybody!!!

Get and Be Smarter!!!

Thai_Native said...

Khun Roger,

It is your point of view. I accept because it is subjective.

One can write or say anything about anything as long as one DOES NOT DEVIATE FACTS WITH PREJUDICES OR FICTIONS.

Khun Roger, in your last sentense,
"They can’t do that if there is a law preventing it.", I and all reasonable and realistic people I know DO NOT EVER HAVE THIS PROBLEM.
Do you imagine this situation in Thailand yourself?

Khun Roger, Beleive me start learning without any prejudice the uncensored & undistorted facts about Thailand yourself from undistorted medias. And, you will really understand the actual situation in Thailand, not just imagine it from distorted medias.

Get and Be Smarter!!!

Roger said...

Why do you bother commenting on this post if you don't want to comment on its CONTENT?

Wise up ? Yes, you sure do need to!

- End of the debate -

Thai_Native said...

Khun Roger,

I did comment on its CONTENT, didn't I?, since my first post on this blog. But I was bombarded back with OPINIONS & FICTIONS of you people, which lack of FACTS, absolutely. Even my simple "wise up" phrase was INTENTIONALLY DEVIATED, CENSORED, and called "Threat of Violence" by Khun "Fonzi"!!!

Well, there is a LIMIT to wise one up. I reach that limit on this particular blog. So, stay as you were, overwhelm with FICTIONS, discuss among one another with DEVIATED & CENSORED OPINIONS.


Wandering Boddhisatva said...

'If you are so uncomfortable and so disgusted with our Thai ways of lives and Thai cultures, please get out of or do not come to our beloved country, Thailand. You are not welcome anytime!!!'

Thai Native, you are obviously a part of the problem, not the solution.

Greg said...

Thai native, Jiles Unpagkorn is the son of a man very famous to Thai people - as I'm sure you've learned being the educated person you are, and I believe he was born in Thailand. So tell us, what makes him non-native? The fact that his mother was English?

There was another group of people who looked at someone's value to the country in this way and Thailand supported them in WW2, until they realised they had picked the wrong side.
I find it telling that you attempt to portray yourself as the superior mind but offer nothing other than hysterics and insults as part of your argument. It's the oldest trick in the book: stick your fingers in your ears and scream/

BornInThailand said...

Thai people must step into the twenty-first century and see how others are viewing Thailand: A huge plantation full of brain-washed population.

jon voranart said...

He could have at least pretended to have Thai accent when he speaks English. Instead he speaks Thai with a "foreign" accent. I do not like foreigner claiming to know Thailand more than a "Thai" claiming to know Australia more than Aussies. I am a Thai living in Thailand all my life and love my country and love my country regardless. Royal or Republic, Dictatorship or Democracy, If you are malignant to my country you are my enemy.

llothar said...

This is the typical brainwashed Thai thinking.

First most of you must realize that a foreigner has often a much clearer view on your country then a local. There is a scientific method to understand and analyse societies called "Ethnology".

Reading "I love my country" is terrible and tells me you are not able to understand your country you are 100% biased. You can simply only love a country.