Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Abhisit Declares War on Foreign Media (Those Pesky Thaksin Sympathizers)

Bangkok Post:

The government is launching a "full-scale" information war against former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra and his followers who are using the overseas media to attack the administration, Prime Minister's Office Minister Sathit Wongnongtoey says.


The government would identify some of the foreign journalists who backed Thaksin in ways that damaged the country, Mr Sathit said, but he gave no further information.

Abhisit is getting desperate and more creepy all the time.

Imagine if Thaksin had declared war on the foreign media in order to stifle Abhisit and the Democrats, every media outlet in Thailand would be screaming bloody murder.

What is more sickening is that when Abhisit gives an interview with the foreign press, he always says that there is more freedom, more transparency, more democracy now than ever before. We know all know that is an outrageous lie.

Abhisit already has the military owned media, ThaiPBS, and most of the privately owned media, like The Nation, in his pocket, and he has shut down all the Red Shirt radio and televison media and their websites.

But that is not enough.

Now he needs the foreign media to do his bidding too.

I don't know if the foreign media will be happy about being declared the enemy of the Thai government.

Maybe the foreign media will come to understand that that the way the Thai government wishes to control them is the same way in which the elite wish to control the poor masses through intimidation, threats, insults and control.

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Anonymous said...

it is very interesting to see the reaction of foreign media. they are certainly not brown-nosers as Veera, Thanong and Yoon - they can USE BRAINS, and surely will pose more than a match to pathetic Abhisit's attempt to silence them.

I even think that Abhisit is digging his own political grave by such a step !

meanwhile debate is going on in Parlament right now, NBT channel covers it LIVE on TV.

PT seems like can't provide credible enough evidences. pathetic losers ! with all their resources - they couldn't hire some professional investigators, or even better - team of reporters to document the UDD protests ?