Saturday, April 11, 2009

ASEAN Summit Cancelled, State of Emergency

The Nation

The government has announced a decision has been made to postpone the summit to a later date, in effect cancelling it.

Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva declared a state of emergency in Pattaya and Chon Buri, partly to facilitate the departure of Asean VIP guests. He told a press conference Asean leaders and their dialogue partners understand the need to postpone the summit and support government action regarding Saturday's incidents.


The state of emergency law imposes tough restrictions on public gathering and dissemination of information. Authorities are given added power to search residents and venues and restrict travels.

Hundreds of protesters broke through a glass and poured into a Royal Cliff Beach Resort Hotel building where reporters stayed. The section is about 100 metres apart from a hotel section where summit leaders are supposed to meet.

This made the meeting impossible after the government earlier only announced a minor postponement of schedules.

The cancellation has also been announced by acting government spokesman Panithan Watanayagorn, who had earlier said it was only a delay, not cancellation.

The story is all over the wires.

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Unknown said...

Disastrous for Abhisit. Just disastrous. The Reds have tasted blood, I very much fear the shit is in the fan.