Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fascinating Read

I can't believe I never came across this blog until now.

This guy has a little novel in his blog that he posted recently.

Check it out. It seems a little nutty, but interesting nonetheless.

Actually, I read this blog after the coup, but he stopped publishing.


hobby said...

Great find - Thanks for that.
I used to comment over there and included them on my Blogroll for a while, but dropped them when they went inactive (and I changed focus).

They always were interesting, but then went wierd with all these defence intelligence type posts.

hobby said...

Wow! - Just completed reading the whole book - simply amazing how the mind works.

A lot of fact mixed with paranoia, and soul searching, together with a lot of whoring, drinking, and a billionaire father to boot!

I wonder if Danny, Bally & Tammy the other blog writers are separate individuals, or all part of the split personality?

Nothing about Thailand surprises me anymore, and I wouldn't even be surprised if it's all true.
(except Somchai being Thaksin's cousin, but then again???)

Here's an exchange I had with Tavivoot - he actually sounds quite reasonable, and even invited me for a drink at one stage if I recall correctly:

Fonzi said...

Yeah, I can't believe you found this guy and said nothing about it. I am ashamed to admit I didn't know it existed. I don't usually search for blogs though. I usually find things when people I link to link to them.

I don't know what to believe about this guy, but it is entertaining.

He claims to have coined the term fascism to describe the PAD and the contemporary use of the term of amarthiyathipatai.

He also claims to have such a large following and people want to kill him, but I never heard of this guy.

My bullshit radar went off when he claimed that he was talking to some "farang on Asoke" who claimed to be intelligence agents.

They should rename Bangkok Spook City, because the number of "farang on Asoke" who claim to be connected seems to be in the thousands.

Bangkok is probably the only city in the world where the spooks run around telling all and sundry that they are spooks.

hobby said...

I believe him about the schizophrenia though, sounds like the paranoid variety :)

Not sure what to make of the "To my brother, who I accidentally killed" in memory statement???

Sadly true, or some sort of not so cryptic reference to you know what?