Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's Over, I think

Bangkok Post

Red-shirts core leader Veera Musikhapong announced an end to the current anti-government protest in Bangkok on Tuesday morning as hundreds of soldiers surrounded the Government House camp where the remaining demonstrators had gathered.

The decision came a day after skirmishes in Bangkok, which left two dead and 113 injured.

"All of my brothers and sisters, please give up and board these buses provided by police," Mr Veera said to the crowd. "Police will take good care of you."

Mr Veera said the leaders of the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD) agreed to end the rally because they were worried about the safety of the protesters.

That was short and bizarre.

The downside, I guess, is that for the next year or so the idiots at The Nation will have enough material to attack Thaksin until they go bankrupt. Thanong is already pulling conspiracy theories out of his arse. Sia Yoon will follow with his lame baseless theories, along with Sopon's lies, and Tulsie will talk to his imaginary friends.

Even though I think Abhisit is a tricky little weasel with even less integrity than Thaksin because of the dishonest way he came to power, I have to give him credit for the biggest comeback in the history of modern politics.

He was humiliated to the core a couple days ago in Pattaya, then his capital was in disarray the next day, but he took a chance with the crackdown, which could have killed his career, and looks to have gotten things under control quickly and with minimal loss of life.


Unknown said...

If the PM had stopped Newin and Suthep for using the blue shirts the whole thing may not have happened in the first place

Trirat said...

Isn't it funny that the army wouldn't lift a finger against the yellow shirts but had no hesitation in firing at the red shirts? If they had just fired into the air at the yellow shirts back then, things could have turned out differently--and of course Abhisit wouldn't have come to power. Does this indicate that the army was 'constrained' when it was dealing with the yellow shirts?

davidb98 said...

are the other dead people going to be added to the mysteriously missing in Thailand?

Anonymous said...

hahaha ! ROFLMAO ! :D

Fonzi, you rule

give these suckers from Nation what they deserve!

I mean - Yoon writing a "blog", huh ? it is as ridiculous as idea of Rupert Murdoch's blog !

practically same with Thanong.

Sopon, Tulsie and others are pathetic laughingstocks.

on Pantip Forum many Thais also curse the TV Commentator (of "Nation Chanau") who goes under name Kanok and many threaten to kick his ass at first site ! :)

I recall once Kanok caused outrage for making comment on TV like "well, this Reds better be aware - or else I'll call my Yellow team to kick their asses" or something like that. people were angry for this "reporter" not being neatral at all and so bluntly take sides and allow derogatory remarks (apart from regular constant low-class sarcasm and rant).

they gave him mocking nick-name "ai-Kanok 10 Baht" - because as one explained, "I don't need Kanok to read the newspaper articles for me - I can go to nearest stall, pay 10 Baht for newspaper and read it myself !" , meaning that the so called "reporters" like Kanok do not do proper journalism, but only BIASED SLANT on TV.

so, apparently "Nation Chanau" is widely despised even among Thais.

Anonymous said...

Siam Report also gives Thanong a sauce :

and this is a CHIEF EDITOR of leading daily ?
looks rather more like a lunatic who neither knows proper journalism and even less - real Astrology, and yet has audacity to mix up both under name of Editorials !


Anonymous said...

the latest pearl from Thanong :

ABhisit is "the most powerfull man in THailand" ... at least for now (while emergency decree still in force)