Sunday, April 12, 2009

Thanong on Security Questions at ASEAN Summit

Thanong's Blog at The Nation:

It has been a perfected orchestration. Police Chief Patcharawat Wongsuwan was no where to be seen during the Red Shirt ambush of the Royal Cliff, the venue of the Asean Plus Three Summit. Neither Gen Anupong Paochinda, the army chief, could be seen. Where were they?

The role of Suthep Thuagsuban, as deputy prime minister in charge of security affairs, was also highly suspicious.

How was it possible that we were about to host the Asean Plus Three Summit, at which people around the world would be following closely like the G-20 Summit in London, but there was a breakdown in security measures to protect the summit leaders?

Yes, the buck stops at Abhisit as prime minister. But like Somchai or Samak, his predecessors, Abhisit has no control over the police and the military. Thailand's top security officials were playing the do-nothing game or the pak wa ta khayip game to support the Red Shirts .

Abhisit has been caught in the same movie script with Samak and Somchai. Only the dates and the venues have been changed. For Samak, it was the Government House against the Yellow Shirts. For Somchai, it was the Suvarnabhumi Airport against the Yellow Shirts. For Abhisit, it was the Asean Plus Three Summit in Pattaya against the Red Shirts.

All the while, the police and the military have been playing the musical chairs behind the scenes.

Besides the shameless propaganda, this type of "reporting" is my biggest beef with The Nation.

He is the chief editor of The Nation. Why the hell isn't he answering the questions by either investigating himself or sending out his reporters to do the leg work?

Rumor, speculation, innuendo. That's it.

The security breach is a huge story with major ramifications, but Thanong can only come up with conspiracy theories, which is what he and Sia Yoon do best.

Neither Abhisit nor Suthep nor the police nor military generals will be held accountable. Just like General Chavalit and the others won't be held accountable for October 7.

The story should be how come the security forces and the generals are so incompetent at everything they do, which goes way beyond Red and Yellow shirt politics and affects the general security of the state. The Nation will never in a million years do an investigative report on their beloved generals. It is easier to pontificate and blame the politicians.

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