Friday, May 22, 2009

Changing Article 190 on International Agreements

Bangkok Post:

A requirement for the government to seek parliamentary approval before it can sign international agreements is likely to be amended.

The proposed change to Article 190 of the 2007 charter received wide support from members of a parliamentary sub-committee on constitutional amendments chaired by Senator Lertrat Rattanwanit.

The panel agreed the provision posed obstacles to national administrators, especially government officials dealing with international agreements.

Article 190 requires parliamentary approval for any international agreements that would have "wide" and "significant" impacts. State officials do not take any chances with such wording.

However, the details have yet to be worked out, he said.

Academic and subcommittee member Prasit Piwawatanapanich attacked Article 190 for interfering in the work of the executive branch.

He said decisions on the signing of international agreements should rest with the government, not the parliament.

Typical Democrat hypocrisy. This was the article that got PPP in trouble over the memo of understanding concerning Preah Vihear. This is what originally brought the PAD back out into the streets. Nappadon was ousted because of this article.

I haven't checked the Manager website yet, but where is the outrage? They aren't going out into the streets the protect the sovereign integrity of the nation again, are they?

What is idiotic about this whole thing is that it is actually a good article to have. Parliament should sign off on international agreements.

There is a distinction between negotiating and signing international agreements and parliamentary approval, which gives them full force of law.

The Democrats were none too concerned about beating the PPP over the head over Article 190 when they were in the opposition.

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