Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Deconstructing Sopon Onkgara: Justifying PAD Terrorism, Again

FBI definition of Terrorism:

The unlawful use of force or violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a Government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives.

Arab Definition of Terrorism:

Any act or threat of violence, whatever its motives or purposes, that occurs in the advancement of an individual or collective criminal agenda and seeking to sow panic among people, causing fear by harming them, or placing their lives, liberty or security in danger, or seeking to cause damage to the environment or to public or private installations or property or to occupying or seizing them, or seeking to jeopardize a national resources.

The Thai definition of Terrorism(Bangkok Pundit):

Section 135/1 A person commits an act which is a criminal offence [if they commit one] of the following:

(1) [The person] commits an act of violence, or commits any act which causes harm to [a person's] life, or serious harm to [a person's] body, or the liberty of any person,

(2) [The person] commits an act causing serious damage to a public transportation system, a telecommunications system, or to any infrastructure which has a public benefit, [or]

(3) [The person] commits an act causing damage to the property of any state, or of any person, or to the environment which has caused or is likely to cause significant economic damage.

If such acts are committed with the intention to threaten, or to compel the Thai Government, a foreign government, or an international organisation to do or abstain from doing any act which will cause serious damage or to cause disorder by creating widespread fear among the public [then] that person has committed a terrorist act.

[That person] shall be punished by death, life imprisonment or a term of imprisonment between three years to twenty years, and a fine between 60,000 Baht to 1,000,000 Baht.

Even though it clear that the PAD acted in a terrorist like fashion, Sopon believes that the PAD is this innocent organization above Thai law, because anything it does is justified in getting Thaksin.

From The Nation:

Are there really at least 25 "terrorists" out there roaming freely, many of them appearing on television regularly? The city police have said so and have asked them to show up at the Police Club on July 16 to face multiple criminal charges. Until that day the police apparently do not regard these "terrorists" as a clear and present danger to the general public. They are acting cool and confident over the whole matter.

The 25 "terrorists" are among those who occupied the front area of Suvarnabhumi Airport - the passenger drop zone, to be precise - in early December. During that siege - complete with food and live music in an atmosphere of camaraderie - the police claimed the "terrorists" had posed a threat to security at the airport.

Sopon conveniently forgets to add that the PAD took over the airport control tower. Seriously, what kind of idiot would think that it is perfectly OK to take over the lobby or front section of an airport and not think it was a breach of security? The Nation will do everyting humanly possible to justify the PAD's crimes in the name of getting Thaksin. Ironic, isn't it? Thaksin is a criminal, but it is OK to be a criminal to get a criminal. I don't know how these people look at themselves in the mirror in the morning. Their entire professional lives are built upon intellectual inconsistency.

The terrorism charge, which carries death as the maximum penalty, is deemed necessary by some senior police officers loyal to fugitive ex-PM Thaksin Shinawatra because it would get rid of the PAD leaders, his adversaries and critics.

This is the same Sopon who believes in using coups, military propaganda, the Interior Ministry, and a corrupt court system to do everything in their power outside the law to get Thaksin. And he doesn't provide one shred of evidence that these police are loyal to Thaksin. In the world of Sopon and The Nation, if the police follow the law, yet doesn't support their political allies by letting off the hook for their crimes, then you must be a Thaksin stooge.

Kasit has been regarded as an inherent threat to Thaksin, who has to dodge around in his leased jet to evade Interpol and extradition. That's why the red shirts and Pheu Thai demand Kasit's immediate resignation, despite the fact that the terrorism charge is as flimsy as a negligee. What's more, the police have yet to substantiate their charge with solid evidence. It is also a long way from a court trial, even if this charge is ever accepted as a prima facie case

The entire world saw the PAD take over the Phuket airport, Suvarnabhumi, and Don Muang. It was plastered all over the TV and in the newspapers. Anybody can see the YouTube videos. And Kasit admitted to the international press he willingly took part in it all! Just how stupid does Sopon think his readership is? No wonder The Nation is losing its shirt. It lives in its own fantasy world.

It is odd that the police have decided to hurl the terrorism charge at these political demonstrators. Not that they were not aware of its possible backfiring; the necessity was dictated by selective and biased practices, as has been pointed out by the defence lawyers for the PAD.

Earlier, the city police slapped a charge of treason on some of these people, only for it to be dumped by the Criminal Court when the PAD leaders brought it to the attention of the bench. Red-faced but still motivated by politics and the coercive persuasion of Thaksin's cronies, the city police must let this particular charge be decided by the public prosecutors and probably the Criminal Court.

Anybody who doesn't agree with Sopon or the PAD is a Thaksin crony. The law is crystal clear. The PAD committed an act of terrorism under Thai law.

The airport seizure was overshadowed and surpassed in terms of severity by the Songkran riots and acts of terror committed by red-shirted thugs. The present government had to impose a state of emergency and ordered troops to end the disturbances. Subsequently the red-shirt leaders faced criminal charges and several of them spent a brief period in confinement.

Thanks Sopon for acknowledging the double standards between the Reds and Yellows. By the way, there was a state of emergency for the PAD also. Your friends and patrons in the military chose to ignore it.

Quite simple: Two of the red-shirt leaders are also House members and are enjoying freedom of movement due to a bail agreement. If they want Somkiat out, it means they will have to leave the House and lose their princely salaries as well. So far the police have not charged them with terrorism despite their role as instigators of the red-shirt thugs who wreaked havoc on some parts of the city.

Should Kasit resign? Judging from the recent standards of practice of the city police and the erosion of public trust in their performance, it would be a futile exercise to yield to pressure from the opposition. There have been other acts of terrorism, such as the firing of grenades at the PAD rallies, which caused at least four deaths and many casualties. These incidents are ignored or overlooked by the police.

Just how stupid is Sopon? Does he even bother to read his own writing? Out of one side of his mouth, he champions and defends the PAD and their leadership for their terrorism, yet thinks the Red should get hit with the book for their crimes. I don't know how this guy can live with himself. He is a walking contradiction.


Roger said...

So, are there no charges from the occupation of Government House? Or have I just missed that? These people haven't even been charged yet. The powers behind the scenes probably think this invitation to report to the police station to respond to the possible charges will be enough to quiet those who have been demanding equal treatment for the PAD and the Red Shirts.

I want to see charges actually brought and these people forced to present their arguments to a court. Put it out in public and let us see if the Public Prosecutor actually does his job or if he purposely presents a weak case so they can walk. Let us see whether or not the court applies a rigid standard of law to them or twists the language of the law to let them walk. These people are all part of the same elite network and strive to protect each other. Well, do it out in the open and let people see.

And, of course, Sopon is either a brazen hypocrite or delusional, take your pick.

Rich said...

I am not sure that the timing of the charges against the PAD leaders and the emergence of PAD as a political party is entirely coincidence.

Perhaps the powers that used to drive PAD and whom are now embarrassed by PAD are now trying to prevent PAD from diluting the Democrat vote instead of trying to kill Sondhi.


hobby said...

It might have been terrorism in a legal sense, but from a practical point of view I would have thought real terrorism would have met substantial resistance.

The leaders of the April riots might be having some sleepless nights if the PAD leaders are subjected to harsh sentences, but I think we all know that if the first lot get a harsh sentence then there will be some sort of amnesty deal done once the second lot get their harsh sentences.

On the other hand, I wonder if the 'powers that be' think they might still be able to get away with another double standard?
At least if that happens, I might get some inspiration to start blogging again, although I still think a triumphant Thaksin return will be more 'inspiring' to me:)

Anonymous said...

The Nation is a vile and nasty rag and an insult to the intelligence of those blessed to actually possess it, though in all fairness Newbies to Thailand may not yet realize it is all BS. Dedicated to the untruth and nothing but the untruth.