Friday, July 17, 2009

Thanong's Astrologer: The Insanity Continues

The Nation:

I heard that the people in green uniforms are making some unusual movements in preparation for something big. Many people are also feeling worried about the solar eclipse that will take place on July 22. The solar eclipse is seen by some as a bad omen for countries directly affected by it. Most people also would like to know whether there will be any serious political incidents between now and July 22, and beyond. The country is still in turmoil.

So I decided to consult my favourite astrologer.

"What can we expect from this eclipse?" I asked.

"It's gonna be pretty bad," she said. "It will adversely affect the astrological sign of Cancer. We don't know whether it will hurt Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva or Thaksin Shinawatra, the former prime minister. Both are Cancer. Either could get hit."

"The military is making unusual movements. I smell a coup. Does it have anything to do with the eclipse?" I asked.

"If the military were to stage a coup, they should do it now. The alignment of the stars is on their side. The eclipse on July 22 would be ideal because it is when there is an eclipse over the country. If they wait longer, the timing will slip away," she said.

The astrologer added: "But in the period before or after the eclipse, the water element would create problems. I don't understand why Abhisit has decided to host the Asean summit in Phuket, surrounded by water. His advisers should have consulted the stars first."


Let's wait for the solar eclipse to see whether the bad omens will come true. Sometimes we have to give in to the stars in the sky.

It is horrifying that The Nation is actually transforming itself into Not the Nation---and still taking itself seriously. The farce has become the reality. Just when you think the absurdity of The Nation's opinion pages can't get any worse, the editors go and top themselves.

I would love to be a fly on the wall when the foreign sub-editors are going over this stuff. It must be a laugh a minute.


Unknown said...

But Thais still want to be taken seriously in the world. Oh yes. They desperately want to be taken seriously.

And they can't understand why people laugh at them.



Unknown said...

Excuse me? Are you serious, I mean, is this REAL? I mean, really, the "biggest Thai English language business daily newspaper", one of its editors is writing about the BAD OMEN OF SOLAR ECLIPSE? :-O What year are we living? 1000 AD when science had not yet figured out to tell all the solar eclipses (bad omens?) 10 000 years in advance thanks to the non-magical thing called astronomy. Wow, this is dumbfoundingly middle age stuff! Thanks!


Mr. Wrigley said...

You beat me to it Fonzi--Thanong's new piece is a real gem. I used to despise Thanong, but I kind of love him now because he is so far out there. Of course I think most of it is nonsense, but it is entertaining nonetheless.

Jon said...

Absolute class. There was one nugget of factual information buried in this critical dispatch though.

Thaksin and Abhisit are both cancers.

Spot on.

Unknown said...

"they can't understand why peope laugh at them!??" Yeah? So who is laughing at "them"? You? Like it or leave it!!!