Monday, August 10, 2009

General Patcharawat's Back, Thanong and Yoon in Hysterics


National Police Chief, Police Gen Patcharawat Wongsuwan, surprised even the premier by coming home earlier than expected. He was to turn up for work today. Acting Police Chief, Police Gen Vichien Potposri, admitted just now that as soon as the police chief was back in his chair, his "acting role" would end.

What would Premier Abhisit do now? He was expecting that Patcharawat would at least be away until Aug 14...or even that the acting police chief could smoothen the proceedings of the police probe into the attempted assassinatin of Sondhi Limthongkul. Also, with Patcharawat out of the way for a few weeks, the premier could probably revise the list of 152 police officers up for reshuffle under the new police organization.


Pol Chief Patcharawat Wongsuwan sprang a surprise by appearing at his office this morning at the Office of National Police. He wants his chair back, quickly.

Patcharawat was supposed to take a leave, for as long as 30 days as Prime Minister Abhisit Vejajjiva has suggested. This would allow Pol Gen Thanee Somboonsap to proceed with the full investigation into the attempt assassination against Sondhi Limthongkul.

Abhisit's indecisiveness is once again returning to haunt him. He should have transferred Patcharawat to an inactive post the Office of the Prime Minister. But, like Hamlet, he hesitated and was afraid to make decisions until he was really certain of what he saw or heard. But that could be too late. Now Patcharawat is challenging his authority as premiership.


Phriewphan and Patcharawat belong to the same camp, whose colour is bloody red.

At the Office of National Police, two hot issues are catching up with one another. The first is Thanee's investigation into the attempted murder of Sondhi. The second involves the reshuffle list of around 130 police officers, about 60 of whom are under Phriewphan.

Rumours are circulating that big money is involved in this transfer. So the stake of the police chief is very high during this critical juncture

This only proves once again what lousy reporters Yoon and Thanong are.

The Nation created drama that didn't exist. General Patcharawat said he wasn't going on leave. He said he would be back after the trip from China. Out of everybody, only General P has told the truth and everybody else has been lying and making things up. Regardless, he is going to be gone in a month and a half when he retires and is out of everybody's hair.

The fact is that neither Thanong nor Yoon have provided any evidence to anybody proving that General Patcharawat has interfered in the Sondhi Lim case or has been at the helm of a dodgy cash for promotion reshuffle list. They basically are regurgitating what they hear from ASTV and pretend that it is original journalism. Put simply, Yoon and Thanong are mouth pieces of baseless Sondhi Lim propaganda and are happy in that role.

Yoon and Thanong are the dynamic duo of rumours, conspiracy theories, innuendo. These guys should be writing spy novels and give up their careers as journalists.

Another thing I find fascinating is that Yoon and Thanong are sitting around waiting for General Thanee's report. They refuse to do any investigating themselves. They think a reporter's job is to wait for the government to tell them what to think. What is the point of having an independent media if all it does is act an extension of government propaganda?

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