Sunday, August 2, 2009

PAD Using Threats and Blackmail

The Nation

An embattled Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva came under mounting pressure yesterday as the powerful People's Alliance for Democracy continued to press for him to remove the national police chief while the opposition threatened to seek his impeachment.

PAD spokesman Panthep Pua-pongpan said the PM had the power to prevent police chief General Patcharawat Wongsuwan from wielding influence by citing irregularities in the Bt18-million public-relation fund or the October 7 incident to transfer Patcharwat to an inactive post.

"The PM must realise that the government's stability depends on the people's support not three or four people who try to wield influence over him,'' he said.

PAD leader Sondhi Limthongkul warned the ruling Democrats they could be in for political trouble if the prime minister "remains idle" regarding the post of national police chief.

Panthep also urged the PM to make a bold and decisive decision as to who would replace Patcharawat as caretaker national police chief. He said if the PM did not intervene and let Police General Priewpan Damapong, who is most senior, take the top post the Sondhi shooting case would be even more entangled because Priewpan was part of ex-premier Thaksin Shinawatra's family.

Priewpan is the brother of Khunying Pojaman Damapong, Thaksin's former wife.

I am still trying too figure out what kind of power the PAD has to be calling any shots.

What is it going to do? Take over government house and the airports again?

The police and military would be happy to shoot them this time around.

If you look at the options, the best option for Abhisit is to ignore the PAD.

Abhisit can't dump Suthep or the BJT Party and he can't afford to piss off the military and police. These factions actually have real power. The PAD doesn't have any real power except its lies and hysteria, which keep it in the news.

Most people despise Sondhi Lim and if nobody solved this case and it disappeared forever, so what? Would it be just? No. But thousands of cases against the bigwigs go unprosecuted all the time, such as the crimes committed by the PAD.

The only people who care about Sondhi Lim would be the PAD and their goose steppers at The Nation: Thanong, Yoon, Tulsie, and Sopon, who, by the sounds of their recent propaganda, all seem to be auditioning for jobs for the Manager Group before The Nation goes bankrupt.

The irony of this case is that because the Thai media is so completely lazy and worthless, no Thai reporter will actually go out and investigate and try to solve the case themselves and use the power of the press to keep the pressure on the police. That seem to be what the Manager/ASTV is doing, but nobody trusts that group and it has very little credibility, since it is a player in this case with an axe to grind.

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