Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Sondhi Lim is the source for Thanong's conspiracy theories


On Aug 10, PAD co-leader Sondhi Limthongkul commented in an ASTV programme about his attempted assassination. He said that Suthep Thaugsuban, Secretary-General of the Democrat Party and Deputy Prime Minister, should stop protecting the culprits. He suspected that Suthep may be in the know as to who plotted the ambush. Some said that Suthep had been aware of the plot, but did not speak out.


While sparing Abhisit as a good man, Sondhi said the Democrat Party lacked ideology and Suthep’s behaviour was suspicious.


‘The Democrats are a bunch of ingrates. Suthep clearly said that the Democrats were not associated with the PAD, and were not indebted to the PAD. With the Secretary-General saying this, what will the PAD-Democrats say?,’ Sondhi asked.

When asked by the co-host of the programme about the government’s slack response to the red shirt petition campaign, he said that he had the impression that Suthep was extraordinarily close to Thaksin, as he observed that Suthep did not want to speak about Thaksin, and vice versa.

There are links between the two men, one of which is a woman nicknamed ‘Ngoh’ who works for Thaksin. She has been a link between them since Suthep was the Minister of Transport. Another is Suthep’s man whose name Sondhi did not want to reveal for now.

‘Today Suthep is in charge of police affairs, but the revocation of Thaksin’s police rank has been going nowhere,’ Sondhi said.

It doesn't take a genius to understand that Thanong basically copies what he reads and hears over at The Manager Group.

Bangkok Pundit has more commentary on the "Suthep the traitor" topic here.

BP actually makes an excellent point. Suthep is a major financier of the Democrat Party and has a lot of power. He is at the pinnacle of power and basically the equivalent of Chief of Staff in the US presidential system.

Logically, Suthep should have zero interest in destroying Abhisit and his own party just to support Thaksin. Seriously, that is just stupid. What is in it for him in crossing to the Dark Side when Suthep will never achieve the amount of power he has now under a Thaksin regime.

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