Saturday, April 17, 2010

Creating a border crisis to distract from internal incompetence

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia — Cambodian and Thai soldiers engaged in a brief gunbattle in a disputed border area Saturday, with Cambodia accusing its neighbor of instigating their latest clash.

No injuries were immediately reported.Troops fired rifles, machine guns and rockets in the 15-minute gunbattle near the Ou Smach checkpoint in northern Cambodia, said Pech Sokhin, governor of Oddar Meanchey province where the border is located.

The countries accuse each of encroaching on the other's territory.Pech Sokhin said the Thai soldiers fired shots after Cambodian troops ignored a demand to shift their location deeper into Cambodia.

"Once the Thais got back to their side, Thai forces opened fighting and Cambodia had to respond," Pech Sokhin said, adding that no Cambodian soldiers were wounded.

Thai authorities could not immediately be reached for comment.

Can't control the South. Can't control the cities. Can't control the border.

What good is the army for except coups and stealing from the tax payers?

I think the army will try to manufacture a nationalist crisis to turn attention away from other troubles and try to unite the country around a phony war with Cambodia.

Why not? The army has failed at everything else it has tried so far to contain the problems it started in the first place.


davidb98 said...

and when Hun Sen inflicts some damage at the right time and they seem to fail there also he and Thaksin will laugh and they will have nowhere to hide....

Unknown said...

Eyyyyyyyyyy! (famous Fonzie sound on "Happy Days")

Welcome back, Fonz!