Friday, January 26, 2007

Bangkok's Airport denied safety certificate due to cracks in the runway

Bangkok's new airport denied safety certificate

The certificate has no legal binding and is not required by law for

the airport to operate, meaning it can stay open and provide service at
least for the moment.

Gotta love Thailand. They have certificates that have no meaning. Why have a certificate in the first place?

Can you imagine a major disaster at the airport?

Foreign tourist: I thought you decertified this airport? Why is it still open?

Thai Official (Smiling): We Thai. We no need paper for airport. We Thai. (Smiling)

Foreign tourist: What if there is an accident?

Thai Official (Smiling) : No Ploplem. We Thai. Many tourists come. Happy, enjoy.

Foreign Tourist: What if many tourist die?

Thai Official (Smiling) : That your fault. Your bad karma. You deserve to die. You pay airport tax now.

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