Thursday, January 18, 2007

More Thai Shark Jumping on relations with Singapore

A blunder in diplomacy

It is unfortunate that the delicate bilateral relationship between Thailand and Singapore, bruised by the fallout from the Temasek-Shin share deal scandal, has unprecedentedly hit rock bottom. All high-level meetings between the two countries have been suspended, including the
planned visit to Bangkok this month by Singapore's Foreign Minister George Yeo to attend a three-day meeting on the Singapore-Thailand civil service exchange programme, which has been cancelled. The source of this latest unfortunate diplomatic hiccup is none other than Thaksin Shinawatra, for his recent social-cum-political activities in the island state: his meeting with Singapore's Deputy Premier S. Jayakumar, followed by interviews with CNN and the Asian Wall Street Journal.

Singapore, for its part, deserves blame for its total lack of sensitivity to the feelings of the Thai government and a sizeable number of the Thai population, who hold Mr Thaksin in deep distrust and suspicion for what is deemed his regime's misrule over the past five years.

Bangkok Post

This is another example of the Thais doing their beat the drums to Bang Rajan routine.

Blame the foreigner politics.

I think it is interesting that Thaksin isn't wrong for embarassing his own country and government by blasting it on international TV. No, the Thais are never wrong. No, it was Singapore's fault for allowing him in the country and meeting with him.

Gotta love the Thais.

They legally elected a ruthless, corrupt person to be their prime minister who basically took billions from the state for himself, his family and his cronies. The military takes over and keeps Thaksin out of the country.

Abroad, Mr. Thaksin fights back abroad, using the international media to embarass the junta running Thailand.

But, according to the Thai press, it is Singapore's fault.

This is typical Thai mentality. Blame the Singaporeans for their mistakes and their goofy politics.

No, Thaksin's activities aren't Singapore's fault. Thaksin is a Frankenstein monster that is solely a Thai creation.

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