Thursday, January 18, 2007

Ramkhamhaeng's Warriors

Protesters give Singapore three days to explain

More than 100 police were deployed at the Singaporean Embassy in Bangkok amidst rumours that a number of protesters who staged a noisy protest there planned to burn the embassy on Thursday.

The group In the morning, a group of six Ramkamhaeng University students gathered at the embassy to demanded Singapore to explain why it allowed Thaksin. They said they would give Singapore three days to give explanation on the matter.

They waved placards which read, "This is Thailand. Do not look down on your neighour," and "Singapore, Get Out," while another read, "We know what you think."

They said they represented "Thai Students' Network for Democracy Group," and were not paid to protest at the Singapore embassy.

The Nation

Burning down the embassy? "Singapore, Get Out!" More irrational shark jumping national rhetoric from Thailand's best and brightest.

But they are right. Singapore should get out, and take their money with them. Why do they continue to take Thailand's abuse? Is it really worth it to be humiliated like this?

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