Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Nation whines, yet does no heavy lifting

Thaksin pulling off greatest trick

Repeated calls to show him the proof of graft are working to his advantage

The Nation staff loves to complain. That is what it does best. But when will it start acting like a real newspaper?

The Nation makes accusation after accusation against Thaksin without any evidence, then gets upset when foreign media outlets report this.

There's always one typical line in every foreign news agency's report on Thaksin Shinawatra that echoes the claim he strives to make every time he gives an interview. It has to do with the "fact" that, for all the accusations of massive corruption under his overthrown government, there has been no "legal evidence" to prove his guilt. This "fact" will become ever more glaring the longer it takes to investigate the numerous graft cases that were allegedly the main motive for the September 19 coup. And sooner or later, a man once deemed one of the most corrupt politicians in modern Thai history could be whitewashed in the eyes of the international community.

Somebody should tell those lazy idiots at The Nation that it is the media's responsibility to uncover the truth. And it is not the foreign media's responsibility to kow tow to the ideology of The Nation staff. If The Nation has evidence, it should produce it rather than wait for the government to spoon feed it.

It is the media's responsibility to investigate corruption.

It is the media's responsibility to check government in a free society.

Anybody with half a brain cell can tell that nobody at The Nation has taken a decent journalism class.

Why hasn't The Nation reported the names of contractors responsible for building the airport, or at least the non-functioning parts of the airport?

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