Sunday, January 28, 2007

Thai haters of freedom attack indy journalist

Local Journalist targeted again as his office is shot at 6 times

Last Friday we reported on a shooting incident in front of the house of a local Journalist, Khun Tanasap, who is the local reporter for Channel 3 and owner of a local Thai Newspaper called “Kow Daert”. On that occasion, his car was hit six times by bullets. Police believed at the time that this was connected with controversial articles written in his Newspaper. This case is still under investigation; however the case became even more serious when Police received a further call from Khun Tanasap at 4am on Wednesday. This time, he reported further shots fired at his office and house located in Soi Neun Pleub Wan. The light box over the shop and the shop front were all targeted by the unknown gunman. Khun Tanasap made a direct plea to Police Colonel Nopadon, the Chief of Banglamung Police who attended the scene for help in catching the individual or gang responsible for both shootings which Police believe are connected. Khun Tanasap told us that he fears for his own life and the lives of his young family. For now the case is still under investigation.

Heroes like Khun Tanasap need to be protected for their bravery and standing on principle

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