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Deconstructing Sophon: An Idiot's Tale


For Thaksin, enough is not really enough after all

It's the turn of the military top brass to say "enough is enough" to Thaksin Shinawatra following his appearance on the cover of Time and an exclusive interview with the magazine, which offered nothing enlightening or new to those familiar with his tales of woe.

I agree. Thaksin is a liar. Enough is never enough. This is not new. So why does Sophon obsess over Thaksin week after week, keeping his name in the media?

It was truly unusual prominence that Time gave Thaksin in its coverage. In fact, it is quite odd that leading international publications have shown sudden interest in his movements four months after he was deposed by a coup.

God, Sophon is incredibly idiotic. Thaksin spent millions of dollars on two PR firms. Thaksin is getting what he paid for. When will Thais understand that there is a world outside Thailand? Politics is a cut throat business. If you don't have your PR in order, you are going to get screwed, which is why Thailand's "Brand" is taking a beating in the international media.

Of course, we can expect to read a few more interviews in well-known publications if Thaksin can charm news people with his plans for the future. One wonders what else he has to say about his future now that he has said more than once that he has called it quits.

Again, Sophon is an idiot. Thaksin is using the international media to rehabilitate his image. PR traps are being set for the Thai media, like the dopes at The Nation, and they fall into the hole every time.

Or is it easy for him to quit politics many times?

He will say he will quit a million more times. That doesn't mean it is the truth.

When Thaksin told interviewers that he had "quit politics", one would have assumed he would not politicise the statement and chalk up more political points for himself time and again while heaping blame on those who booted him from power.

Again, Sophon is an idiot. Who would believe anything that Thaksin says? He is a compulsive liar. What is shocking is that Sophon has been lambasting Thaksin week after week about his sins, yet he "assumes" Thaksin plays by the rules? And why wouldn't he heap blame on a junta that kicked him out of office and exiled him?

The so-called "exclusive interviews" with Thaksin claimed by international publications have revealed nothing exclusive. It is also a curious point to know who sought whom for the interviews. Each time, Thaksin seemed to dig his political grave a little deeper with his mouth.

Again, Sophon is an unsophisticated dolt. Yes, there was nothing exclusive. That was not the point. Thaksin has a message he wants to get out. He paid millions of dollars to get that message out. His PR team is doing its job. If Sophon had a braincell in his head, he would understand that. By the way, Thaksin is winning the PR war, because he is controlling the message, and you idiots at The Nation are only doing him favors by keeping him in the limelight.

His latest interview in Time also saw Thaksin pointing an accusing finger at everybody else who had a role in forcing him to remain in exile until now. This time around, he was even very blunt about the role of His Majesty the King, exposing his ill-concealed and long-standing attitude towards the revered institution.

When did he say anything abusive about the King? Where was he blunt about his ill feelings towards King Bumibol? Why doesn't The Nation actually print this accusation? I love how the hypocrites at The Nation hated it when politicians played the lese majestie card against the media, but now they are playing the lese majestie card against Thaksin. The Nation staff has no shame or integrity.

It is not the first time Thaksin has trod on such sensitive ground. Even while still in power, his arrogance and over-confidence were bottomless, with careless references to the role of His Majesty. He went for broke and put his fate and future on the line. If he really cared about what he said or did, he did not show it.

What the fuck does this mean? I love how these morons at The Nation make accusations without backing anything up with quotes. The Nation has absolutely no journalistic integrity whatsoever.

As expected, the Time interview had the Army generals fuming. A few of them said they would no longer play Mr Nice Guy towards Thaksin. No more niceties but real hard ball, they said.

They should have known better. Thaksin has been very successful in keeping his foes at bay and frustrated while he chooses the right timing to take pot shots at the Council for National Security (CNS) and the Surayud government.

If I were the generals, I would be fuming also. But they have nobody to blame but themselves. They made a coup without any planning and they made enemy's with a ruthless capable politician that is seeking revenge.

Presenting himself to the world through leading media houses as the hapless victim of a military coup despite his status as a democratically elected leader, Thaksin has managed to spend his money wisely in gradually getting the international community to overlook the fact that his regime was a fertile ground for massive corruption of all kinds known to man, with his family and kin acting as top players.

If this is so, how come Thaksin and nobody in his crony circle is charged with a crime and nobody is in jail? How come The Nation has never done an investigative report concerning Thaksin's nefarious empire? Why is the The Nation waiting for the junta to prosecute if The Nation is sitting on so much proof? When will The Nation produce receipts?

The CNS and the Surayud government have proved no match to Thaksin in the race to capture media space and time, and they are making no attempt to reverse the situation for reasons still not known to those who are frustrated by their repeated bumbling and ineptness.

I absolutely share this frustration. But the generals want to do things the Thai way, so they are getting Thai results.

The CNS generals said they would be more aggressive from now on. With such a poor track record in media manipulation, compared with the sterling performance in the same arena by the Thaksin crowd, they can expect disappointment and failure.

Who can disagree with this? The generals act like keystone cops.

One wonders again how venomous Thaksin could be if he changes his mind about quitting and resumes active charge of a political battle. Knowing his true nature, there are doubts that he would have the courage to face a real challenge if it becomes a matter of life and death.

Uh Oh. Sophon is getting creepy with his death threat innuendo. If Thaksin came back, would he be assassinated if he didn't make the right pay offs to the generals? I think so.

There are several people who long for the day to settle scores with Thaksin, especially those with underworld influence, after enduring legal and financial hardships caused by his cronies in the Anti-Money Laundering Office.

More creepy death threat innuendos. Is The Nation a newspaper or a spokesman for the mob?

The CNS and the government can do a lot to put Thaksin and his family members in more legal trouble, but time is of the essence and they have less and less of it, while efforts to find evidence for court trials have encountered many stumbling blocks due to uncooperative officials who still dread Thaksin's power.

Amazing Thailand. Thaksin is thousands of kilometers away, yet he holds the Thai bureaucracy hostage. The generals hold all the legal and violent powers of the state, yet they are totally powerless concerning finding any evidence against Thaksin.

The CNS generals and members of the Surayud Cabinet have to overcome their own fears, and show it to the people, before they tell those poor souls in the civil service not to be afraid of Thaksin.

The CNS generals have the law, the guns, and the jails. Why are they afraid of Thaksin's cronies?

Why doesn't The Nation get off its ass and do an investigation as to why they won't blow the whistle?

Why doesn't The Nation start naming names of the cronies protecting Thaksin?

What is The Nation afraid of?

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