Saturday, February 3, 2007

Katoeys Jump the Shark...into mainstream showbiz

Katoeys’ hit the music scene

Venus Flytrap You Tube clip

They sound like Bananarama from the 80's.


Venus Flytrap is Thailand's first ladyboys band to sign a record deal. The five members were picked from over 200 applicants.

THE singers of Venus Flytrap, the latest Thai pop group, were pretty in white bridal corsets during their virgin public performance last November.

In the middle of performing their debut single, Cause I'm Your Lady, the 10,000 audience at the Virgin Hitz Radio concert in Bangkok started murmuring.

The audience was not sure who we were, recalled Nok. They were thinking Venus Flytrap? Ladyboys? Ladyboys band?

Oh, oooohooi, the audience screamed when they realised that the five members of Venus Flytrap were katoeys (Thai for transvestite)

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