Friday, February 2, 2007

Good Old Boys Network: Corruption and Collusion in the Thai bureaucracy


Bureaucrats must be made to answer

The Nation

Govt must break the conspiracy of silence by officials if the AEC is to succeed in its corruption probe

Members of the Assets Examination Committee (AEC) assigned to
investigate alleged corruption by former Prime Minister Thaksin
Shinawatra and some of his Cabinet ministers have been complaining for
a while that their work is being held up because government officials
are not cooperating. In order to do its job properly, the AEC needs to
get the heads of agencies where cases of bribery, graft or embezzlement
supposedly took place to file formal complaints against wrongdoers and
supply AEC investigators with relevant evidence to back up those

The Nation is right. Why are these bureaucrats not cooperating? Why won't The Nation give us the names of these people who are not cooperating? Why are these bureaucrats allowed to steal from the state and protect Thaksin?

Why isn't the junta throwing them in jail? If they are not cooperating or opening up the books, then they are obstructing justice. Is their own selfishness more important than the citizens and tax payers of Thailand?

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