Wednesday, February 7, 2007

The Nation: Delusions of Grandeur or Just Deluded

Nation Group: the Real Thing

The Real Thing? In typical Thai fashion, the Nation stole somebody else's trademark. "The Real Thing" belongs to the Coca-Cola Company.

I got some ideas: How about "All the News that is Shit to Print" or "Junta Bitch" or "National Disgrace" or "The Worst English Language Newspaper in the World" or "We Real Crazy about Thaksin" or "Sonthi's Whore" or "Fascist Rag" or "Dumb Nation" or "Nation Group: Real Poop" or "Suvarnabhumi's Crack" or "Nation Group: We Print No Facts" "Nation Group: Sufficiency Journalism"

What precisely is a "news station"? Or more simply: what's a "news programme"? With the mushrooming of TV "news talks" that basically involve reading yesterday's news to a TV audience, the Nation Multimedia Group has decided that the trend has gone as far as it should.

Currently, the Nation's mission is to print lies, innuendo and do the bidding of a military dictatorship. My God, look at that horrible English.

The group has announced a policy to provide news programmes as they are supposed to be. A defiant slogan - "We are the Real Thing" - has been coined to provoke a new environment in an industry that has become too complacent when it comes to informing their audience.

Supposed to be? The Nation wouldn't know "supposed to be" if it bit it on the ass. You liars did not "coin" the "real thing." The Coca-Cola Company did. And I shall be reporting you to their legal department shortly.

Group editor in chief Suthichai Yoon is leading a group of veteran television reporters, including Thepchai Yong and Kanok Ratwongsakul, in TV news programmes produced by the Nation Multimedia Group - programming that he thinks should return to the proven fundamental basics of television news.

Again, The Nation wouldn't know news if it was staring them in the face. The Nation has never done an investigative report about corruption in Thailand, especially concerning the linkage between money, elections, and the power brokers, because they are cowards with no journalistic integrity. They haven't reported the name of one bureaucrat who is stalling the corruption investigation. They haven't printed the name of the contractors who have mismanaged their duties at the new airport. They haven't printed the names of the ministers who signed off on all the concessions. They haven't done a report on the Japanese Bank for International Cooperation. How come the financiers of the airport aren't up in arms?

Suthichai said the Nation Multimedia Group was using the slogan "We Are the Real Thing" as a message to the public.

Suthichai said, "We will steal Coke's slogan because we can't think of any on our own."

"We want the audience to know what's real and what's not," he said. "Now, a number of TV news programme producers merely hire people to read newspapers from dusk to dawn. At the same time, the people don't sufficiently debate what is happening. But we journalists should not feel content with that."

Instead this sentence should say, "We want the audience to believe the bullshit we manufacture everyday. Now, there are pretty girls in yellow shirts reading crappy Thai newspapers, and they care more about movie stars and a good recipe for Tom Yam Goong. We at The Nation shall provide something different. We will read our sarcastic columns about Thaksin hour after hour until the entire country is fixated on Thaksin as we are."

The trend can be a slippery slope, he warned, as passive reporting can lead to a passive audience.

Holy Fuck, this is unbelievable. The Nation is the world leader in passive reporting to an even more passive audience.

"Should TV news programmes be this way?" he said. "TV producers are not fulfilling their duties in analysing what's classified as news. And once the audience becomes familiar with this type of so-called reporting, they won't bother to question or scrutinise the news. They think that this is enough. From the perspective of the real news people, what's happening is just not right."

The Nation staff is truly deluded. They live on another planet. Do they really believe their own bullshit? Seriously, The Nation is a disgrace to journalism. And what is up with this language? He makes absolutely no sense at all. Why do Thais insist on butchering the English language? Either Sutichai is high or the farang copywriter who went over this article.

Suthichai said some television news programmes read the morning newspapers to their audience, while in fact the events in the newspapers happened more than 12 hours ago. They do not add any comment or extra information.

The Nation is all comment and no news. What else would there be to comment about? There are no real journalists at The Nation reporting on anything significant in the first place. Again, horrible English.

"In fact, TV producers should find out stories and interview people," he said. "They should dig out updated and in-depth stories from what the newspapers have reported."

When the fuck has The Nation ever did anything like that? They have columnists writing the same horse shit about Thaksin week after week. They have uncovered nothing new concerning Thaksin's empire. And worse of all, they are waiting for the military dictatorship to tell them what to write.

The Nation group: Real Hypocrisy


anon said...

You're missing the point here.

This is really a dig against Sorayuth Suthasanachinda, who ran the two most popular news talk shows in Thailand: Khui Khui Khao and Thueng Look Thueng Kon. Sorayuth and his co-host loved sitting around reading newspaper headlines making fun of Sondhi and his crowd. So from perspective of the junta and The Nation, he's a remnant of the "Thaksin-regime." One of the first things the freedom-of-the-media-loving junta did when it seized power was cancel Sorayuth's programs.

But its not enough to cancel his shows - The Nation needs to discredit the fundamental concept of "Khui Khui Khao". Even though that very concept made it the most popular news show on TV.

fall said...

I still cant decide if "Junta Bitch" or "Fascist Rag" is my favourite.

"News program as they are supposed to be"? But I though TV reporter are there to "report" the event unbiase? Well, at least, I would prefer differentiate between news and opinion program. If Nation want to combine those two, or come up with a good opinion program. They can try, and let journalist's ethic be damn.

"In fact, TV producers should find out stories and interview people," Err, we had one program like that, "Thueng Look Thueng Kon". And look what happened.

Fonzi said...

God, I hated Surayuth. I can understand why The Nation dissed him, but The Nation has a lot of nerve going after others when the quality of its work has deteriorated.

Is it my imagination or has The Nation really gone down hill lately?

Maybe I just wasn't paying enough attention to it before.

fall said...

Cannot really say Sorayuth is a shining beacon of good journalist, he's bias as hell. And his ego is about 1/2" lesser than a wide-screen TV.
But his show was the only one that provide two sides of the story(most of the time).

May be the Nation try to establish itself before taking over ITV. Like TPI campaign change to RTCC, or something of sort.

TomV said...


But its not enough to cancel his shows - The Nation needs to discredit the fundamental concept of "Khui Khui Khao". Even though that very concept made it the most popular news show on TV."

I abhor the "news talking" format, but someone should point out that when Sorayuth first popularized the "news talking" format in Nation TV (then carried by UBC), if not even earlier in Nation-controlled ITV.

He had a fall-out with Suthichai Yoon and had to quit Nation because, if I remember correctly, Suthichai wouldn't let him moonlight for another channel.

So what is driving Suthichai Yoon here is more than national politics.

I wouldn't call Surayuth pro-Thaksin. Chuan Leekpai wrote the introduction for his stupid best-selling pocket book. But like Fall said, he's more interested in presenting both sides than virtually all the other Thai "journalists", who accuse him of the ultimate thoughtcrime because of that.