Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Will Vietnam's economy outpace Thailand?

Vietnam could surpass Thailand and Indonesia

VietNamNet Bridge – LG Economic Research Institute (LGERI) has released a forecast saying that Vietnam’s economy has opportunities to surpass Thailand’s and Indonesia’s economies by 2020.

From what I have seen of Vietnam, the country is on the move. The people are hungry. They have the eye of the tiger. And they want to make money.

I want Vietnam to succeed. In many ways, Thailand has failed to live up to its potential in Southeast Asia. Vietnam may have a shot at being the regional jewel. Maybe it will give Thailand a little healthy competition, which is also good.

Eventually they will be fighting over who has influence in Laos and Cambodia, along with China, which is not good.

The last thing the region needs is a replay of 19th century battles.

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