Thursday, February 1, 2007

Princess Sirindhorn: Defender of Thai Hypocrisy?

Pharmaceutical firms urged to work for all mankind

HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn urged the global pharmaceutical industry on Thursday to contribute more to fight against "neglected diseases" in the developing world.

In the opening speech at the Prince Mahidol Award Conference to 300 participants from various countries, the princess said that producing innovative drugs in the research and development sector was a tough task - but making any achievements serve all of mankind was even more vital.

"It is well known that research and development in medical sciences is not easy to achieve as they are time consuming tasks and require great perseverance. More difficult and complicated still, would be how the results of such achievements are meant for the benefit of all mankind and all countries of the world," the princess said.

Instead of stealing drugs from Western countries that spend literally billions of dollars in research and development, why doesn't the princess advocate that the tax exempt Royal Privy Purse spend its billions of dollars in assets on pharmaceutical research. When will the princess get on the cases of all the Thai politicians and generals who are raping Thailand of its resources, so that they can live in huge mansions and drive Mercedes?

Why is there money to be found in the Thai budget for defense increases but none for medicine?

How come with the billions of dollars that Thai companies make each year none have set up foundations to develop pharmaceuticals or pay for medicine for AIDS victims?

Somebody should tell the princess that the Western world doesn't exist to fund Thai cronyism, corruption and ancient feudal structures that keep Thais in a state of perpetual ignorance and poverty.

Somebody should tell the princess that the AIDS epidemic and heart disease problem in Thailand is not the responsibility of Western countries and their pharmaceutical companies.

Lastly, somebody should ask the princess why is it OK that King Bumibol defends his inventions and patents by using the rule of law, but the military junta can capriciously steal the intellectual property of Western companies.

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Life Out East said...

Here, here! Always money available for grand projects and egocentric madness but never any cash for helping the poor and needy. But then isn't it the responsibility of the US, UK and European taxpayers to look after everyone?
When was the last time Thailand made a contribution to the world's poor?? Erh, um!