Saturday, March 10, 2007

American Businessman Murdered in Chiang Mai: Thai Murder Suspects Blame the Wife Back in US

Thai men related to US businessmen murder

CHIANG MAI Police Saturday arrested the secretary of an American businessman for the contract killing of his boss. The secretary claimed he was paid by the man's wife in the United States.

Police are seeking the extradition of the wife.

Provincial Police Region 5 commander Lt-General Kittithat Ruenthip said police believed they had sufficient evidence to prosecute both the secretary and the gunman. They were arrested Saturday morning.

Sujin Chusaengroj, 28, allegedly hired gunman Suparp Nokham, 48, to kill coffee exporter John Allan Chapelle at his Hang Dong home on September 28 last year.

Police said Sujin told them he got into an argument with Chapelle over Sujin's suspected relationship with Chapelle's girlfriend and several thousand baht in back pay.

Sujin wanted to resign but Chapelle refused.

Police said Sujin telephoned Chapelle's wife in the US, Dara Panany. The man told police the wife did not want Chapelle to return to the US because she wanted to gain control of his property there.

The Nation

I have a suspicion that the wife in the US had nothing to do with this conspiracy. In other words, business as usual in Amazing Thailand.

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