Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Bangkok Post: Second Year Student at Armed Forces Academy is Murdered, Third Year Culprits Get "Suspension"

Peer punishment ends in tragic death

Bangkok Post

The Armed Forces Academies Preparatory School yesterday suspended seven third-year students who punished a second-year student by forcing him to drink 40 litres of water, leading to his death.

The school commander, Maj-Gen Pornpipat Benyasri, said 16-year-old Kran Orachorn died because his lungs became flooded after drinking 40 litres on the orders of seven third-year students, who were not identified, as a punishment for falling asleep while he was on guard duty.

The seven are facing an internal investigation as well as a police inquiry, he said.

Pol Lt-Col Sanchai Orachorn, Kran's father, who is deputy police chief of the Wiang Nong Lorng sub-district station in Lamphun, has lodged both criminal and civil complaints against the seven at the Ban Na police station in Nakhon Nayok.

The key word here is "suspended." What kind of sick shit is this? This poor kid was murdered.
Those third year students should be in jail waiting for their arraignment.

I hope Colonel Sanchai doesn't cave in his pursuit of justice. I am sure some powerful figures are going to pressure him to let up all in the name of preserving the military academy's image.


anon said...

The students were just being prepared for life in the military, where one can disobey direct orders, authorize summary executions, and then get "punished" by being transferred to a senior inactive post.

Red and White said...

That poor kid. Imagine how his family must be feeling.

I swear I will do everything I can to keep my son out of the Thai military.

Fonzi, did you get my e-mail?