Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Blogspot Subdomain is Blocked by TOT and other Thais ISPs

I think blogspot is being blocked. I want to check to see if I can still post. Anybody else having problems?


Still no access to blogspot. I have TOT, which is usually crappy anyway, but I don't get why blogspot is the only thing I am having trouble accessing.

I guess I can still post, though, and everybody can have access to my pearls of wisdom, except me, who will be doing this blind for a while.

I refuse to let the evil bastards keep me down.


Red and White said...

No probs here but I've noticed some strange behavior from the servers.

hobby said...

No problems with or, but I cannot get on to Lost Boy's site(

Matty said...

This is my 2nd try because first one just sort of 'vanished'. So maybe your suspicions about 'blocking' Fonzi could be right.

BangkokAl said...

I think it depends on the ISP. The TOT ADSL is blocking certain blogs, other ISPs are not blocking anything. On TOT, I can get to ( on TOT but NOT to this blog, BangkokPundit or Matt. On another ISP I have no problems with any sites.

Jason said...

From True DSL I've had problems accessing many foreign sites recently, mostly going very slowly until an eventual timeout.