Saturday, July 14, 2007

AOT Can't Decide on Security or Profit for Suvarnabhumi Airport

AoT in a fix on security upgrade


Bangkok Post

Airports of Thailand (AoT) still can't make up its mind on how it should improve Suvarnabhumi airport's security, saying it is open to all possible options. A highly-placed source at the AoT said the AoT board will meet on Thursday and evaluate the performance of the Loxley-ICTS consortium, its contractor responsible for the security of Suvarnabhumi airport.

Up to now, the consortium has failed to meet its contractual obligations. AoT has already given the consortium a chance to make improvements and the consortium's performance will be evaluated for the second time tomorrow.


Now, if I was a news editor at a real newspaper that gave a shit, I would be telling my reporters to stick a microphone in the faces of those executives at the Loxley-ICTS consortium, asking why their performance in this dangerous age of global terrorism is not up to snuff, and then I would do an investigation into how much the Loxley consortium received for the services rendered, and then do a price comparison with other regional airports. But, that is just me.

However, I should be grateful that the Bangkok Post cared to tell us anything at all. Normally, the Thai media protects the interests of profiteers and big shots rather than report on public safety problems caused by those profiteers and big shots.

The Nation, on the other hand, has refused to do any reports on Suvarnabhumi's problems ever since its friend and protector, General Saprang, took over the reigns of AoT. The Nation knows that if there is ever a major security issue over at Suvarnabhumi, it will do what it alway does, blame Thaksin for it.

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ChiangRaiMan said...

Fonzi,thanks for posting this article. I just returned to the states after 6 months in Thailand and was shocked by the lack of security when I used the new airport. I couldn't believe that I and everyone else was able to walk completely thu the airport without having to check thu any metal detectors show any id or boarding pass. The airport is totally unsecured,SCARY!!!! The only time I had to show my boarding pass or walk thu the metal detectors was when I was just outside the boarding gate. Anyone and I mean anyone....can walk into the airport with a "backpack" and could pretty much have free rein of the airport..unbelievable!!! Even in Chiang Rai airport you have to walk thu security,armed soldiers,metal detectors etc,and as at all airport most areas are secured and only ticketed passengers are allowed in most areas. I was freaking out when I was there. I could not believe that whoever was running the airport could allow such lax security. I mean aren't there Muslim terrorists in Thailand?
After seeing what goes on at the airport one can understand why Thailand is such a mess these days, sorry to say...
Chiang Rai Man