Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The Nation and its Lack of Ethics

A reader kindly pointed out to me a letter written by an imposter of mine to The Nation's letter's section:

Coups are sometimes necessary for democracy

I just wanted to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude for all of the hard and excellent work done by The Nation on a regular basis.

I personally think that The Nation can be proud of the stance it took in favour of the military coup that ousted Thaksin, who was democratic only in the very loosest sense. Everyone knows that if you took out all the paid votes cast in his favour, his majority would have been nowhere near as strong.

His government was corrupt and divisive, as you have continually and masterfully proven in your newspaper, and it needed to go. "Hooray!" I say to the wonderful job done by the military government that replaced him. I have sided totally with The Nation on this one from day one and completely respect the fact that your newspaper supports democracy even when it knows that this country's democracy is growing, and here, a military coup is not the worst thing that can happen.

I personally have my newspaper of choice going into this election. Please keep us all informed, as all you always do, of the real issues affecting this country and its politics.



Honestly, I thought the letter was funny. However, I don't appreciate The Nation's lack of ethics in publishing a letter that was obviously not from me.


Anonymous said...

Fonzi give the 'impostor' two thumbs up for good humor and good sarcasm. The impostor succeeds in both making good fun of your 'fanaticism' Fonzi and The Nation's Thaksin obsessiveness.

Hey don't look at me Fonzi! I am NOT even close to matching your impostor fan's fantastic sense of the ridiculous.

Red and White said...

It is funny. Can you be sure TN are aware of you by blog and name? They may have thought it was a genuine letter.

Fonzi said...


That could have been an "authentic" letter from you, hahaha.


Well, I can't be a hundred percent certain that The Nation's editors know of my existence.

However, I have circumstantial evidence that proves that they do.

1. When I tried to start a blog a few times on their website, it was automatically deleted. I was deleted from the English and Thai portions.

2. Google analytics.

hobby said...

It wasn't me - I'm not that funny.