Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Thai Public Relations Department Via 2Bangkok: Torching Democracy Monument

Fire fighters traveled to control flames after 2 men were about to set fire to the Democracy Monument in protest of the upcoming general election. Sumranrach (สำราญราษฎร์) Police Station authorities apprehended the two men along with 6 gallons of thinner fluid, 2 gallons of gasoline, 50 square slices of tire rubber and 20 candles as well as pamphlets opposing the election and the constitution.

Authorities escorted the men to Sumranrach police station for questioning and arrested the men for attempted arson and destruction of public property. During questioning one of the men evaded police to the top of Democracy Monument and made several statements in protest of the government and the upcoming election.


Interesting. It seems anywhere in the world the suppression of democratic politics and political freedom leads to violence in one form or the other.

I think if the Thai elites continue to manage democracy in a way that continues to disenfranchise the masses, there will be more of this.

Totalitarian propaganda and brainwashing can only do so much to contain violence.

The Bangkok Post follows up with the story:

Fiery protest at monument, charges laid against 3 men Three anti-coup protesters who started a fire around the constitution sculpture on top of the Democracy Monument on Sunday night have been arrested and face charges. Chairit Chawiset, 37, Ong-art Vichitranont, 51, and Boonsin Yoktip, 42, were taken into custody in the early hours of yesterday after nearly six hours of negotiations.

Police said they used petrol, alcohol, motorbike tyres and pieces of cloth to fuel the fire. It caused only minor damage to the highly valued symbol as firefighters managed to put out the flames quickly.

"We want to reverse the system and return to an absolute monarchy,'' Mr Boonsin told reporters as police escorted him to the Criminal Court.

He and his friends opposed the 2007 constitution because it was the work of the military-backed government.

Absolute monarchy? Military dictatorship? Same same but different.

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