Thursday, November 27, 2008

Coup Talk

Pathompong urges Army chief to stage coup

The Nation

Gen Pathompong Kesornsuk, former chief advisor of the Supreme Command, urged Army Commander-in-Chief Gen Anupong Paochinda to stage coup to prevent himself from being sacked by the government.

Speaking to protesters at the Government House, Pathompong said the Army chief should not allow Prime Minister Somchai Wongsawat to purge him.

Coup rumours were widely spread Thursday with a lot of phone calls being made to several newspapers' editorial offices to check whether coup was being staged.

The rumours came a day after Anupong called on Somchai to dissolve the House Wednesday afternoon. But Somchai went on TV late Wednesday to announce that his government would not either resign or dissolve the House.

This is probably the worse thing that can happen, because then all bets will be off. I think it will lead to full-blown civil war, because the PPP/Reds won't accept it, and they shouldn't accept it.

And just because there will be a coup doesn't mean the yellows will go home. In fact, this will just empower them more. They will want to dictate the composition of the new government and will make sure that the outcome of a new constitution and new election will be made on their terms.
So you will have the reds fighting the tanks and the yellow and reds going at each other in the streets.

The police are so incompetent and poorly trained that they won't be able to control anything.

Worse, you might have the police and military units fighting each other. I can't see the police backing the military and the PAD after being emasculated and demonized by the Thai media and the PAD after the October 7th incident.

The Democrats are fools. They think they will waltz right into power, not caring at all that they will be an illegitimate government. Because of their support of the PAD, of coups, of anarchy and general lawlessness, they won't ever be able to govern either. The UDD can make their lives a living hell just like the PAD made the PPP's lives a living hell.

If this conflict does go to a civil war, the PAD will lose, the Democrats will lose, the media will lose, and the elite will lose, because they are in the minority, a very small minority. It doesn't matter what the generals say, or what the Chinese academics say, or what the media says, because, in the end, the poor can really take over and eliminate them without thinking twice. What do they have to lose?

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