Friday, November 28, 2008

PAD Terrorism, Airport Security and Foreign Government Dithering

What is really astonishing to me is how the foreign embassies in Bangkok have remained silent over this crisis, except for worthless travel advisories.

You'd think somebody out there has learned something from 9/11. Apparently not.

What the PAD has done is an act of terrorism. The worthless Thai government has violated international treaties over airport security. Al Qaeda must be salivating in delight, knowing that with a little will power they can take over an airport quite easily and nobody will do anything except business as usual. Shouldn't every major airport and airline in the world have a contingency plan for a hostile takeover of an airport? Why haven't the foreign embassies made sure that their nationals are safe, secure and evacuated from the airport? For Budda's sake, what if the Thai government decided to take action agains the PAD? You'd have thousands of travellers in the cross fire. The PAD could take hostages.

A coup may be in the works, with an impending revolution and/or civil war as a consequence.

The Thai state is almost in a state of collapse and the foreign ambassadors are at their cocktail parties and doing God knows what.

I know what I am writing may sound a little hysterical, but maybe a little caution and a little planning should be in the works for a worse case scenario instead of relying on assurances from the PAD and the government that everything is peachy keen and everything will be back to normal once everybody pulls their heads out of their arses.

The one thing that everybody should take away from these airport takeovers in Thailand is that air travel is still not safe from acts of terrorism and that the international community still hasn't planned after 7 years for worst case scenarios.


anon said...

Suriyasai has just threatened to use human shields.

GypsyLily said...

I support PAD. I believe the exposure of corruption is nessacary for continued life on this planet. Viva la Revolution!!!!

People before Dollars!!! Out Evil. I love Thailand and I am planning on going there as soon as the planes can the meantime. Chock Dee.