Sunday, December 21, 2008

Democrats and the PAD


Korn, the prime minister’s former classmate at Oxford University, becomes part of a cabinet lineup that reflects their Democrat Party’s links with violent demonstrators who seized the airports in a bid to oust the former ruling party. Abhisit, elected prime minister in a parliamentary vote on Dec. 15, gave about half the 36 cabinet seats to smaller coalition partners who account for 31 percent of seats in his five-party government.

It will be “extremely difficult” for the Democrat Party to disassociate from the People’s Alliance for Democracy, which led a 193-day campaign to oust the former government comprised of former Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra’s allies, said Chris Baker, a Bangkok-based political analyst.

Anti-Thaksin Struggle

“The People’s Alliance is given immunity to do many things,” he said. “They think they can run riot, and they will.”

Along with Abhisit, Korn visited protesters after they seized the prime minister’s office in August, referring to them as “heroes” in a local newspaper column. Calling himself “a PAD sympathizer,” Korn wrote that the demonstrators were “pure in their beliefs” and called their actions “the seed of true democracy.”

Foreign Minister Kasit Piromya, a former ambassador to the U.S., spoke on the People’s Alliance stage at Suvarnabhumi Airport during the eight-day seizure, and his wife provided food and medical supplies to protesters. He said the economic damage from the airport closure was “Thaksin’s and the government’s fault.”

I always thought Korn was a douche bag, but it was expected that Abhisit's university buggering partner would get kicked upstairs after months of propagating for the PAD in the Bangkok Post.

What is more troubling is the choice of Kasit. I don't know how any foreign power can believe a word that comes out of his mouth. I don't know can he look anybody in the eye and truthfully say that the airport closure was "Thaksin's fault."

More on Kasit here.

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