Monday, December 22, 2008

New Kooky Foreign Minister Kasit Piromya Calls Shutting Airport Down "a lot of fun"

Bangkok airport protests were fun, says Thailand's new foreign minister


More than 350, 000 travellers were stranded three weeks ago when a few thousand demonstrators from the ultraroyalist People's Alliance for Democracy (PAD) stormed the airport. Investor confidence has been badly shaken and analysts say that lost tourism business could cost 1 million jobs.

But Mr Kasit told an audience of astonished diplomats and foreign journalists on Friday that the protests were "a lot of fun".

"The food was excellent, the music was excellent," he explained.

Stranding hundreds of thousands of foreigners and Thais was excellent. Causing billions of baht of damage to the Thai economy was excellent. Illegally trying to overthrow the government and getting the foreign ministry in return was excellent.


Many observers believe that the PAD was able to conduct its protest with impunity, and help topple an electorally popular administration, because it enjoys backing from powerful anti-Thaksin elements in the army and the royal palace.

The army is responsible for airport security but did nothing to prevent demonstrators from hijacking one of Asia's most important aviation hubs.

It is widely reported that senior army figures were instrumental in persuading MPs to switch sides to the new coalition. Asked what role the army played in bringing his party to power Mr Kasit said, "I don't know".

The new prime minister, Abhisit Vejjajiva, has promised to bring the PAD to justice. Yet, besides his pick for foreign minister being a prominent supporter of the group, one of PAD's top leaders is a prominent MP in Abhisit's Democrat party.

Marky Mark by his actions is proving what a phony he is to the entire world. In terms of a corrupt cabinet, business as usual. In terms of taking orders from above, busines as usual.

Dr Pasuk Phongpaicit of Bangkok's Chulalongkorn university said, "It can't be denied that the PAD was instrumental in bringing the Democrats to government. So I think we are going to be disappointed with what this government will do about enforcing the rule of law with respect to the PAD and its activities." Foreign Minister Kasit berated Western diplomats and the foreign media for not being more sympathetic to the PAD's cause.

No shit.

I can't believe this idiot will be the face of Thailand to the world.

TC is right. This cabinet is a horror show. Abhisit is a joke, a liar, and a prisoner.


Unknown said...

Kasit i an ex-diplomat isn't he? How the fuck did that happen? He appears to have all the diplomatic skill of Idi Amin.

or is this yet another example of Thai-style skill levels being an embarrassment on the world stage?


Procopius said...

Kasit seems to be typical of PAD supporters. "We didn't do anything illegal, and anyway it's all Thaksin's fault!" It's hilarious that he's indignant because "foreign media" are not sympathetic to PAD.

I think it's because the "invisible hand" has a more tenuous grasp on reality now than in 1976.

Unknown said...

Indeed. i will be interested to see how Abhisit is going to hold PAD accountable for anything. It will just be the usual Thai ploy of saying whatever the moment demands and then letting it quietly be forgotten.

These people really are an utter joke. I can't imagine why on earth the rest of the world doesn't just laugh at them when they behave like this. Follow the example of the tourists and stay far far away.

How long will it be before Newin gets a bullet in the head?


Anonymous said...

Rich said: How long will it be before Newin gets a bullet in the head?

T'is the Season to be Jolly indeed! Although no one will shed a tear if Newin dropped dead yesterday, Rich do sound very threatening with that 'bullet in Newin's head' thing.

Why stop at Newin Rich? There must be more because Rich gun would surely carry more than one bullet.

Who 'sponsored" that moron Kasit Piromya to the current Foreign Minister?

Anonymous said...

Seasons Greetings Fonzi!

Next year 2009 won't be good economically for the whole world and Thailand will not be spared.

Let us cross our fingers that the Abhisit-Korn team could get their handle on economic/financial helm because they would need all their steering skills to see Thailand through a very punishing economic/financial crisis in Thailand's way.

But in the meantime Fonzi keep your deconstructing guns firing at all fascists, PAD-crazies and Thai corrupt journalists that are the curse to your peace and calm.

Happy New Year!

Unknown said...

Kasit is part of a group in Thai society that deslike farangs and that stupid idea we have about Democracy and about being the people that has to decide their future. He will continue to insult us insulting at the same time the Thai people because he cannot understand yet, despite graduating from Georgetown Uni, what Democracy is.