Monday, March 30, 2009

Foreign Minister Kasit Declares War on Thaksin and Jai

The Nation

Foreign Minister Kasit Piromya said yesterday he would fully exercise his authority by all means to bring fugitive former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra to justice in Thailand.

A group of Thai officials would be dispatched to Dubai next week to inform officials about the Thai government's concern, as Thaksin regularly used the Gulf state as a base to phone-in and provoke his red- shirted supporters, he said.


"I speak frankly, this is a struggle between two ideologies. We want democracy, monarchy and constitution but they [Thaksin's group] don't," Kasit told a meeting of the ruling Democrat Party.

"It is not a normal power struggle; it means the future of the institution [monarchy], which has lived with us for hundreds of years," he told the party's members.

"It is a great danger. It's time for us to fight. Let's ask ourselves what we want to see [happen]. I'm ready for the fighting," the minister said.

The Foreign Ministry has instructed all its embassies around the globe to feed correct information about the monarchy and the government's policy to the international community, he said.

Since Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva's speech at Oxford University early this month, articles in foreign media had shown they have a better understanding about Thailand, he said.

Fugitive academic Ji Giles Ungpakorn who is on the run from lese majeste charge has no credibility anymore, he said.

The minister referred to the leftist academic because he understood that Ji, together with Thaksin, championed the changing of Thailand to a republic state.

Members of the Democrat Party at the meeting also questioned Thaksin's phone-in tactics which are now floating much speculation about who masterminded the 2006 coup.

"We are examining if officials have done anything illegal or used the government's resource to help Thaksin," he said. Thaksin made calls by video link to his supporters who have surrounded Government House since last week, to rise up against the government. Over the weekend, he accused many senior people in the Privy Council, the military and justice, of prompting the military coup to oust him and used juridical activists to indict him.

The Democrats are getting hysterical. They know they have no legitimacy and don't want to be exposed for the hypocrites that they are. They need to shut up Thaksin and stifle any political speech that opposes them.

If Kasit wants to bring Thaksin home, all he has to do is cancel his passport.

I knew that the Democrats would link Jai's Red Manifesto with Thaksin's nuclear option and turn this into a propaganda war of monarchy versus republic.

The fact is that the PAD, the military, the judiciary, and the Democrat Party all worked together to get rid of Thaksin and destroy him and his allies using extrajudicial means

Abhisit and company arrogantly thought they could come to power and sweet talk the masses into loving them based on their good looks and foreign pedigrees.
Nobody was fooled by their charade or how they weasled their way into power.

At this point, all the Democrats have done is prove that Thaksin and Jai are political refugees fleeing a politicised judiciary in the military and royalist's pocket instead of criminals on the run.

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Rich said...

And I'll huff and I'll puff...

I agree. Unfashionable though this opinion is, Abhisit is dead in the water.

Here's a clue with these yo-yo's. Turn the TV volume down and watch the body language. I was watching Abhisits body language during the debates and it truly showed how lost the poor dear feels. It must be truly bewildering having that many arms up your back all wanting to say their own words at the same time.

I was also watching Surayud's body language as he issued his denials over the weekend, and I can tell you now that he is a lying piece of shit. I don't even watch Prem any more, he couldn't lie straight in bed.

I have seen where Giles has said twice now that Rex is not the strong man everyone thinks he is, but a very weak man - a lot like his brother in that he is easily manipulated, but unlike his brother in that he has always demanded (and received) his cut.

Looking at Prem it dawned on me who is really calling the shots in Thailand.

Call me a slow learner...