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The Yoonster on the Coup Conspiracy Dinner

The Nation

Piya Malakul, who hosted a dinner at his Sukhumvit residence on May 6, 2006, for a group of high-ranking friends has come out to defend Gen Surayud Chullanont, the former premier. It was just "a dinner among friends."

It wasn't, as alleged by former Premier Thaksin Shinawatra, a "secret meeting to plot the Sept 19, 2006 coup." Piya said.

Piya told Matichon Online that he had hosted the dinner after His Majesty the King had on April 25, the same year, urged the judges of the Administrative Court and Supreme Court seeking an audience, to find a solution to the country's political crisis at the time.

"I only wanted to hear what the country's top judges who happened to be my friends had to say about the situation," Piya, who owns a media company, said.

He first invited Mr Akrathorn Chullarat, President of the Administrative Court, and Mr Chanchai Likhitchitta, President of the Supreme Court, to the dinner.


He then called up Gen Surayud and Mr Pramote Nakhonthap, an academic, to invite them to join the dinner.

Mr Charan Pakdithanakul, then secretary general of the Supreme Court's President and currently a member of the Constitutional Court, also joined the dinner.

"That function took place many years ago. I don't think we could even remember the exact date. I am 72 now. I couldn't remember the details. When I was asked to provide the detail, I had to look my my secretary's note because we ordered Japanese food from Dusit Thani Hotel," he said.

Piya added: "I can confirm that there was no talk of a coup or about who was going to get what position. There was not a single military officer there. How could we discuss a coup?"

Note that Piya says he can't remember the date of the meeting or the details, but then contradicts himself and says he remembers that there was no coup talk. Maybe not a military coup, but a judicial coup.

How can he confirm something he doesn't remember?

I like the tidbit about how his secretary recorded that they ate Japanese food. You have to wonder what else was recorded.

Other things that the Yoonster won't tell you.

Pramote Nakhonthap is a Manager columnist, part of the PAD movement and author of the Finland Declaration conspiracy theory.

Charan Pakdithanakul--Thaksin hater, government dissolver, appointed permanent secretary to the justice department after the coup, and put on the CDC (Constitution Drafting Committee) after the coup. Charan was eventually kicked upstairs and sits on the high court.

Piya Malakul was the mysterious "balding man" Samak talked about in his TV show; the one that was hell bent on bringing down the government. Piya Malakul also was the chief propaganda advisor to HMTK, and was a major shareholder to iTV when Thaksin took it over. Thaksin ousted Piya from iTV.The King Never Smiles

Ackaratorn Chularat was one of the judges that invalidated the pre-coup election. He was also one of the names put forward to lead the government after the coup.

Chanchai Likhitchitta was also another judge who invalidated the election and had his name floated to be prime minister following the coup. Now sits on the Privy Council.

Fascinating how all the names that were present at the April 2006 "coup meeting" at Piya's house were all knee deep in getting rid of Thaksin and became part of the coup makers political apparatus following the September 19 coup.

Surayud was eventually decided on to be the PM.

Like General Surayud said, just put the truth out there and let the people decide.

Thai E-news ponders the same things here.

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Unknown said...

"I only wanted to hear what the country's top judges who happened to be my friends had to say about the situation"

Yep. Right. Good

Highly likely to discuss the state of Thai politics and yet refrain completely from discussing a solution. Riiiiiight. All jolly good friends who never discussed bringing down Thaksin at all - never even crossed their mind. Riiiight.

Fucking liar, just like Prem and Surayud, skulking around in dark corners, plotting treason and trying desperately to avoid the consequences of their decisions.