Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sondhi Lim on the Privy Council, Royalists, and the Coup

"It was the first time, we could gather ten thousands of people. Sometimes hundred thousands. So, they were like, ‘the chink [Sondhi referring to himself] is kinda great.’ So, they came to support me. Now, they started. General Surayud called me. General Sondhi had his close aide call me. In the palace… In the palace, there were many. Many connections. Everyone was close to me. They were close to me as hell. (laughter.) They were closed/had reach [ie close to the important people]. [They said] You don’t have to ask if I am close [and said] if you have something to say, say it. I assure you that it will reach the King/Queen’s ears (พระกรรณ). So, they started backing our movement. Gen. Saprang was eating with Gen. Sondhi for every meal and telling him to stage a coup.
Until there was a signal sent to me. I was still fighting then. There was a gift from the palace, sent through Kuhnying Busaba, the Queen’s younger sister. I had just received it from Kuhnying Busaba in person for one day [and then] many people started to call me. Prem had his aide call me. General Chavalit. Everyone called me. [All] asking me if it is true.”

Courtesy of Bangkok Pundit and New Mandala

I usually don't like to take from Bangkok Pundit media empire's hard work, but this story needs to get as much traction as possible.

I am sure The Nation's investigative journalism unit will be quick to follow up on Sondhi Lim's own words.
ชาติหน้า ตอนบ่าย Chart na dton bai bai. "In the next life, in the afternoon."

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hobby said...

There's also this interview you blogged on previously.

I think it's clear that many different groups (including the royalists) wanted rid of Thaksin, but I don't see that it has been proven they actually conspired together to achieve that goal by military coup.

However, it would not really surprise me either way.