Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Democrats and Military Use Taxpayer Money to Crush Political Dissent and Brainwash Masses

Bt1 billion fund for Isoc projects in rural areas

The Nation

Urgent approval to counter stronger anti-govt red shirts

The Cabinet yesterday approved a fund of Bt1 billion to be set aside for the Internal Security Operations Command (Isoc) -and used on projects aimed at weakening the red-shirt movement.

The move is part of efforts to counter a stronger anti-government and anti-establishment movement linked to former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, sources said.


The fund resulted from close cooperation between Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva, in his capacity as the Isoc director, and Army commander in chief General Anupong Paochinda, who is also deputy Isoc director.

Government spokesman Panitan Wattanayagorn said yesterday the fund was for projects to fight the economic crisis through the royal sufficiency economy philosophy.

Panitan said that according to Isoc, the projects would make use of the armed forces' efficiency in helping to tackle economic problems. One goal would be to promote reconciliation, instil the loyalty to the monarch and protect the institution from violations.

Projects would last for six months and target rural areas all over the country.

The fund would be for training programmes, campaigns to promote His Majesty the King's philosophy of sufficiency economy, civilian affairs operations, management, evaluation of projects, and implementation of projects in villages and communities, among others.

Sources said the projects would be similar to those implemented during the post-coup government of Surayud Chulanont. At that time, military officers were sent to villages throughout the country to "create a better understanding" about the administration.

I ask the readers to imagine a couple thing: 1) What if Thaksin had a similar plan? Every columnist in Thailand would be screaming bloody murder! 2) If this happened in any other civilized country, there would be riots in the streets. Seriously, can you imagine any other government using the military as their agent to crush their political opposition, to instill loyalty to a monarch who is already universally loved by most, and force the poor to accept their lot in life because the puuyai said so? They would be universally denounced.

Why is the military acting as a political agent of the ruling party? The military should be safeguarding the country from foreign threats.

By the way, what happened to all the billions that were spent during the Surayud interregnum?

That's right. The Thai media doesn't believe in accountability when it is the military spending taxpayer money on their politics and corruption.


Unknown said...

No one believes the ISOC is out to promote the sufficiency economy, but the explicit link to SE is likely to head off criticism of the ISOC. Should be interesting to see if the ISOC will be called out on this. Sad to see Panitan undermining his own academic credentials. He should know better.

Unknown said...

The end game approacheth