Monday, April 20, 2009

Abhisit's Policy of Political Oppression Getting Creepier

Bangkok Post:

Security agencies are keeping a close watch on a group they suspect of feeding lies to international media outlets on the recent red shirt riots.

Government spokesman Panithan Wattanayagorn said members of the group had left the country in recent days to disseminate a "different version of events and accounts" to the international media.

Details of the group, which is believed to consist of about 10 people, could only be made public by the army and police chiefs, Mr Panithan said.

The government would counter them by releasing its own information to the international media, explaining what is really happening.

What are they afraid of?

Evidence of dead bodies popping up somewhere, proving that the government lied about people getting killed?

Regardless, "feeding lies to the international media" is code for "we don't want people talking to the farang about things we don't want them to know."

Nobody should ever take the Thai military at their word. They have a horrible track record of lies, deceit and cover up.

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