Monday, April 20, 2009

Thai Buddhist Monk Claims to Witness Military Shooting People in Cold Blood


A Bangkok monk says claims by the Thailand government that the army only fired blanks at red-shirted pro-democracy supporters at Din Daeng last Monday are not true and that those shot include a Buddhist monk.

The accusations by the head monk of a Bangkok city temple come despite repeated claims by Thailand Prime Minister Abhisit Veijajiva that the only fatalities from the government crack-down on pro-democracy supporters were the result of clashes between protesters and residents in the Nang Lerng market area on Monday (April 13th) night.

The monk, who chose the pseudonym “Sajja” (the word truth in Thai) for his safety and asked that his temple not be named, said he went to the Din Daeng area around 6.00am on April 13 after hearing reports of clashes earlier that morning between the Thai army and red shirt protesters.

“I was standing about 200 meters away and the soldiers started shooting at people who were on the street. They were not wearing red shirts and there was no protesting happening at the time.

“I saw people falling down when the army was shooting at them and others run away. One of those who fell down was a monk and there was also some children there. I don’t know which temple the monk was from. I saw the soldiers pick about 10 people up off the ground and load them into a large pale-blue, almost white coloured van and then they hosed the blood off the road,” he said.

Mr “Sajja” said that while he could not be sure the people loaded into the van were dead, there was no noise coming from any of them that he could hear.

“Later I went to the soldiers and asked them why they had shot those people and they didn’t answer me. They just loaded bullets into their guns and made signs for me to move away”.


Mr “Sajja” said the bullets he saw being loaded into guns at Din Deang looked like real bullets to him. He said he was not a military expert but the description he provided was that of metal-jacketed live ammunition as opposed to the very distinctive colour of training rounds or blanks.

“I’m not a soldier, but I know what blood looks like. I was very shocked to see them shoot these people and especially sad to see a brother monk shot,” the elderly monk said.

Who knows if true, but it is certainly plausible, considering the military's record. If true, I have no doubt the Thai MSM will try to cover it up. They have so far been stenographers for the military.

Taken with the previous blog and Abhisit closing down all the Red Shirt media, I am actually more inclined to believe it. It looks like they want to cover something up.


davidb98 said...

note that the photoblog now xontains link to the following:

this video was taken at Din Daeng about 6am, before dawn, 13 April 09 just after the soldiers advanced on the protesters, it includes footage of soldiers loading apparently dead(?) and wounded into 3 army medical minibusses...

I suspect these are the events eyewitnessed by the monk

it would be nice to link this to where the minibusses took the people/bodies, for example correlating with the time the injured arrived at hospital(s) or whether they were taken into the army camp or the crocodile farm in time for morning breakfast

Anonymous said...

what this monk said - corresponds precisely with what I heard from LIVE broadcast by D-station and later (when it was jammed) by on-line radio still broadcasting. those who survived and made it to the main stage were showing shells and telling the details. so, many things this monk said are same, like "loading" (after taking bodies behind the advancing line of soldiers), also the body count, mentioning of one monk shot and few kids.

mainly was outrage and dismay at such a brutality and shameless efficiency to cover it all up PROFESSIONALLY.

this journ is going to be today to attend a conference where most likely some more evidences might be provided. perhaps he'll make an update. another fella blogger also heading there.

Fonzi said...

When I first started blogging the crackdown, I think I did post the video of people being taken away.

I made a crack that the people being detained will be taken to a no man's land without any due process.