Sunday, April 12, 2009

Daily Mail on State of Emergency

Daily Mail

Thailand's interior ministry was stormed by protesters - just a day after a summit of Asian leaders was brought to a halt in similar scenes.

Troops fired at least four shots in the air as about 50 protesters broke through security at the ministry in Bangkok.

State of Emergency doesn't mean much if the tanks can be taken so easily. If the military starts shooting people, the Reds have tanks to shoot back.


Anonymous said...

well, now renewed NBT channel (aka "Newin's Broadcasting Telecommunication" :) ) shows armoured vehicles in Bkk, apparently "Border police" are being used - mean guys well trained to kill the insurgents.

so, after all Anupong is not so silent, his actions are very swift and talk more eloquantly than word of Thanong or Yoon, or even Abhisit. ;)

davidb98 said...

as you noticed, the news from the rally says the redshirts have "acquired" at least 7 of the army tanks already

hopefully the army will be forced back, Prem and the senior generals will retire

and this will be the shortest coup ever!

Anonymous said...

Fonzi, Thaksin, a man whose back is against the wall, did his best to incite the Reds to cause the riot. He is using these people to attain his goal, regardless of what will happen to them. He wants the government to use force to crack down on them to futher the riot. Abhisit knows that and that's why he is trying to use peaceful means. You cannot blame him for declaring a state of emergency since some of the Reds started to attack people at the Thai Ministry of the Interior. They are just as bad as the Yellows. You cannot support this sort of behaviour.