Sunday, April 12, 2009

Update: Thanong(and Manager) Reporting Tanks in the Street

Nation Blog

April 12, 2009

15.45 hours:

Finally, tanks are rolling out of Bangkok streets. Some people have spotted the tanks at Pratunam. Others have seen the tanks heading toward the residence of Gen Prem Tinsulanonda, the president of the Privy Council.

We are about to see the Abhisit government taking harsh measures against the Red Shirt anti-government protesters.

I doubt it is a coup, just the democratically minded and Mr. Reconciliation Abhisit enforcing his State of Emergency to crush "the enemies of the state."

So, basically the State of Emergency has the military and legal force of a coup, but with the pretence of a legal government. The Democrats were chosen by the military anyways, so it is all semantics.

Interesting how the military responds when the Democrats are in power, but ignored the previous government and told the PM to quit.

And people wonder why the Reds are angry. No flowers for the tanks this time.

By the way, please don't link to this blog until it is confirmed that tanks are actually in the street. It might not be true.

Thanong is the source. Not very credible. I will be working on other confirmations.

Update :

The Nation :

Red Shirts seize police armoured carriers at Siam Paragon.


Manager reporting tanks in the street and has photos


Anonymous said...

Fonzi, keep up a good work exposing bias of "Nation Chanau" ! :)

Thanong is no better than Yoon.
and it is simply ridiculous that now both of them even writing their own "blogs" ! hahaha

altough I don't doubt that the bloody crackdown will be. Anupong & Co surely have planned well in advance - remember the "Urgent" 1bln given to military merely a couple of weeks ago to "uphold the law" ? ;)

hobby said...

Would not surprise me - someone needs to control the lynch mob!

PS Hope you are safe, theres a lot of hate out there from what I'm seeing on the internet tv.

davidb98 said...


DTV is off the air ... apparently Thaicom has cut the satellite link and also the Internet link is just showing the "we're sorry" message

one radio station has a link from the rally site

apparently 7 tanks have been taken/handed over to the redshirts

about 20 cars are parked across streets to protect the protesters

the reds are asking th soldiers to give them their guns...

more as it happens

Anonymous said...

Fonzi - I think you don't need to go far for further confirmations. just go to ... Yahoo front page !

their article "Thailand announces state of emergency in capital" (AP source : ) if you click on it has a clear photo of thanks !
the caption says:
"AP – Soldiers drive their tanks on the road in Bangkok, Thailand Sunday, April 12, 2009"

article mentions:

"Armored vehicles are moving in the streets of Thailand's capital following the announcement of a state of emergency aimed at stemming the tide of anti-government protest across the country.

Associated Press reporters saw several armored vehicles in a busy commercial area of the city not long after Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva announced the emergency in Bangkok and surrounding areas...."

oops! somehow "Nation Chanau" is slower than AP ? ala "see no evil" in government's actin - only in Reds' :)

Nation "journalist" surely haven't seen any tanks, right ?

or perhaps are under strict order NOT to report the REAL facts - in order to keep the "silent majority" in the dark about de facto coup under way ?

this time though army is quite divided. surprisingly Nation reports that Jatuporn was arrested in Prachuap by army and then was released by Red supporters on that Naresuan base and sent to Bkk to continue the rally.

davidb98 said...


DTV is on the air again
(must have reds at Thaicom)

many monks are on the rally stage, brief chant, a talk, chanting

Anonymous said...

How much support is there for the Red-shirts within the low ranks of the Army and Police?