Monday, April 27, 2009

Deconstructing Thanong Khanthong: Seeing Evil Conspiracies Everywhere that He Can't Prove

The Nation

The foreign media, particularly the British ones, have been planted with information from Jakrapob Penkhair and other cronies from the Red Shirt camp over the past three years. They despised the coup. They had doubts with the Thai Palace and accused the Palace of acting behind the 2006 without ever producing any evidence. They did not like the military. They had some reservations over Thaksin Shinawatra. But they believed that at least Thaksin was democratically elected and represented a popular surge in Thailand against the Establishment. So Thaksin was better than them all. That's the pathetic editorial line of the foreign media, some of whom I believe have been bought.

No evidence of plants. No evidence of anybody being bought. The military is corrupt to the core, but the The Nation is always defending the generals for some sick reason.

More than a year ago, Jakrapob had been bragging privately and publicly that one day he would be the chosen one to lead a people's revolution. He is now being charged under the lese majeste law for libelling the Monarchy in his speech to the Foreign Correspondents' Club of Thailand. Jakrapob had painted himself as the leading intellectual force of the Red Movement, presenting Thaksin and the popular support he had mustered from the rural Northeast and North as new politics for Thailand.

Thanong, proving that he is always the crap journalist, doesn't provide when, where, how, why about his charges of Jakrapob claiming to be this great revolutionary leader like Fidel or George Washington. Jakrapob didn't libel the monarchy at FCCT. Anybody can listen to him on video at youtube.

Jakrapob bragged further than one day when the people's revolution would take place, he would stand in front of the people's revolution in a class struggle to bring down the Elite. The Red Shirts played up this theme in a more subtle way by attacking Gen Prem Tinsulanonda, the president of the Privy Council and other privy councillors. They also rallied to quell the bureaucratic policy (amataya thipatai) from Thailand once and for all.

Thanong doesn't provide time, date or place. No quote. No nothing.

“Now that they have tanks on the streets, it is time for the people to come out in revolution,” he told the crowd of supporters from the United Front for Democracy Against Dictatorship (UDD). “And when it is necessary, I will come back to the country


The troops who have already come out can come and join the Red Shirts to help us to get democracy for the people. This is a golden minute. We will make history and there will be no more coups in Thailand.”

What does this prove? Nothing. Thanong thinks rhetoric is the same thing as a coup plot.

Thaksin's troops for a coup did not show up because they were subdued. He had thought that he could uproot the Thai system for good.

Not one shred of evidence that Thaksin was calling for a coup. No evidence that Thaksin military people were subdued. Thanong doesn't offer one shred of evidence of a conspiracy.

The international press, including IHT, Economist and Independent, Times had been writing editorials on a distinct theme that our Monarchy was about to face an end like Nepal.

How many stories comparing Thailand to Nepal? He only cites one story.

I had followed their editorial line closely. I was surprised that they jumped ahead to compare Thailand with Nepal. Conditions between Thailand and Nepal differ sharply. In Thailand, we are blessed with His Majesty the King, whose popularity is unanimously overwhelming. A popular revolt against the Monarchy is out of the question. If the Monarchy were to be removed, it could only occur by a coup from the Military and the Bangkok elite.

Then Thanong shouldn't be worried about Jakrapob and the Red Shirts.

Thailand is not characterised by a class system like Jakrapob has been trying to portray. It is more of a status conscious system. Any Thais, from whatever backgrounds or race, can rise to the cream of the society. Yet the Red Shirt movement has been trying to paint the current crisis as a struggle of a class system to rid of the social injustice that the rural Thais in the North and Northeast have been suffering at the hands of the Establishment.

Thanong is clueless. Informal Sakdina exists in Thailand. If Thanong thinks a rice farmer has the same opportunities and choices in life as a royal blue blood, he is delusional. There is no equal justice, no equal opportunity. People who have money and/or have connections to the palace, military and bureaucracy have carte blanche to do what they, go where they want, get educated where they want want while your average Somchai has no immunity or privileges whatsoever.

I can only say that the foreign media are duped!!!!!

He thinks they are duped because they don't agree with Thanong, and that is the only reason.

They are not observers or reporters of Thai politics, but they are part of the scheme in which their editorials got planted in advance. All the Reddish commentators, who disguise themselves as academics, are also part of the scheme. They are party to this distortion.

I think Thanong makes this type of accusation against the foreign press because he is describing how corrupt the Thai media operates and he thinks every media operation is the same. As far as academics go, he hasn't refuted one Red academic in print about anything they have said or written.

The foreign media have been attacking the 2006 coup, so has Giles Ungphakorn and other self-proclaimed democracy lovers. Yet knowingly or unknowingly, they had become a party to Thaksin's attempted coup on Songran Day to return to power in the people's revolution.

Yes, the foreign media attacked the 06 coup while he and his buddies were defending it from its inception. The Nation is still angry that the international media didn't goose step behind them over the 06 coup. What Thaksin coup? The Nation didn't report any coup attempt on Songkran.

This is double standard because if they did not approve violence or a coup in the first place, they must not be writing in support of another violent and coup plot afterward.

Is Thanong really this stupid? I haven't read anywhere foreign support for any type of coup, whether it be in the past or the present. Thanong can't provide one shred of evidence that the foreign press supported his imaginary Songkran coup.

When the foreign media write about the elite, they don't know who is who in the elite. When they write about the military, they do not differentiate who's who in the military. When they write about the politicians, they do not know who's who among them. They aren't aware about the political realignment that is shifting all the time in Thai politics.

Neither does Thanong. He hasn't never done one piece of investigative journalism explaining all the politicians, elite factions, and players in the police and military. All he does is write cryptically about vague conspiracies that make sense only to himself.

Thaksin had whisked his family out of Thailand well before Songkran Day. Jakrapob was the first to run away on April 13 well before the attempted coup failed. The Reds on the streets got confused. Their leaders never showed up. Thailand one was step away of being pushed off the cliff, not by a class system struggle but by sheer crude power play.

This is a meaningless paragraph and proves what exactly.


kwai jok foong ควายโจกฝูง said...

Hey Fonzi, I think we spend way too much time writing about this jackass. The guy's a retard, that was established long ago. My sense is that even those who share his point of view have no respect for Thanong. How he got his job is beyond me, but then again in a clientelistic society like Thailand it's really not that surprising.

Anonymous said...

Fonzi, Thanong doesn't bother to prove anything - he is typical "yellow journalist" - eager for sensations and cheap recognition.

BTW check latest Yoon's entry on his blog ( - where he has posted a drivel from youtube about "brave girl .... ". I can't believe that a media magnate as Yoon would be so gleeful at some petty squablish thaksin-bashing

you might check other few videos by that same girl, particularly the 1st one by which she has become a darling of PADsters all over youtube - her channel is called "fuckthaksinthetyrant" ( - I am sure Yoon must love it ! :)

oops, looks like she has already taken out 2 first videos where she simply pours obsene insults at Thaksin and then Jakropob ("hey, a$$hole J.....") she has onlyl 2 videos now - and 54 subscribers.

so, I think both Yoon and Thanong are very proud of this "brave girl" ! :)

hobby said...

This one's for you Fonzi - sorry if I beat you to the punch, but I've still left plenty for you to deconstruct:)

davidb98 said...

the Abhisit government has been remarkably swift in organising
identification and arrests of redshirt leaders and some talk about those
alleged to have been involved in attacks in Pattaya, the Interior
Ministry and Lopburi

but, why has there apparently been no effort to identify and arrest
those alleged to have been involved in the murders at Nang Lerng and the
gas tanker scare at Din Daeng?

surely there were many witnesses to both events..

is it because the government knows that redshirts were not involved in
those incidents?

now we discover the government strategy is to label the redshirts as
"nearly" terrorists... is this what the military operations planners
identified as the objective?

Steve said...

Every 2 months or so, I look in on Thanong's blog and immdiately get reminded what a sad specimen this guy is. Even if I could ever agree with any of his skewed views, it would be undermined by the infantile games he plays and the absurd replies he makes to those that contribute comments. I have yet to see him properly discuss even one point of dissent let alone accept it. Acceptable for a "private" rant-style blog - but totally inexcusable for someone who professes to be a journalist. While he loves the attention his "have bias will scrawl" antics attract, I agree that he does not rate the time spent on him.

Incidentally, just for fun, imagine a dinner for two with Thanong and Kasit - each doing their utmost to stoke and stroke their own egos. What a meeting of self-obsessed minds that would be.......

Unknown said...

Well, Fonzi, you should have opened up with more meaningless comment regarding "IHT, times etc" bought. Seriously, does he really think that New York times (IHT) and other big household newspaper names would have been bought by some feeble Thai politician cum businessman? Seriously. What those magazines WOULD do is actually report it as bigger story if they would have been tried to be bought! This kind of accusation is just unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

Yoon's classic ! :)

"... He [Abhisit] has managed to spring out of the corner with great agility."

Anonymous said...

latest Thanong's editorial about Golden land - looks like he is taking a break from politics. although of course he is trying to be "subtle".

Sita in Bangkok said...

Thank you! Your blog is a huge breath of fresh air....