Tuesday, April 28, 2009

UFO in Thailand?



Anonymous said...

Fonzi this UFO sighting in Thailand (which I presume to be recent) explains a lot of things and should be cause of REAL concern to Thai authorities:

1) The sighting appeared to be at ISARN country . . apparently near the Khmer border.

2) Thaksin was/is obviously aboard (the sneering square face seen sitting alongside the UFO pilot).

3) The sightings will BE more frequent at or near Red Shirt areas.

4) Finally, obviously Thaksin NO longer has a need for a Thai (or third-country) passport having bought himself his own personal UFO.

Unknown said...

LOL! This fits well to your blog. AFter all, Thailand feels currently as crazy and fake as this video. Ps. How you keep your sanity here? I am wondering that myself. I am thinking I should not follow any politics because it is detrimental to ones mental health. Maybe I just should focus 110% into women or other trivial things in life instead of going nuts following the circus politics.

Fonzi said...


You always crack me up.

I was going to write that the UFO is more credible than a Nation columnist's ramblings, but thought I'd let it go.

I like your interpretation better.

Anonymous said...

KV does not to be impressed nor awed by your UFO video. KV also begins to be questioning the sanity of people into Thai political blogging . . .

KV if you want to retain your sanity, keep sticking your nose on Thai politics rather than a 110% redirection of your focus into women. Women . . . and Thai women specially will be enraged if you believe they fall into your category of 'trivial pursuits'.

Those men who made THAT mistake never had second chances and ended up as nutcases!