Friday, April 17, 2009

Sondhi Limthongkul Dodging Bullets

The Times UK

The founder of Thailand's "yellow shirt" protest movement, which was behind the week-long occupation of Bangkok's main airports late last year, was shot and wounded early this morning.

The car of Sondhi Limthongkul was attacked in a petrol station near the central bank around 5am local time (2200 GMT on Thursday), a spokesman for his People's Alliance for Democracy (PAD) said.

The PAD was not part of the latest political violence in Thailand over the past week, which involved the red-shirted supporters of Thaksin Shinawatra, a former prime minister ousted in a coup in 2006 and now living in self-imposed exile.

The PAD is an extra-parliamentary group of royalists, academics, former military people and Bangkok's middle classes united in their loathing of Thaksin, a former telecoms billionaire who draws his support from the rural poor.

PAD spokesman Panthep Puapongpan said a driver and bodyguard were also in Mr Sondhi's car. All three were wounded, the driver seriously.

He said the attack was carried out by two gunmen, who drove into the petrol station, shot out the tyres of Mr Sondhi's car and then riddled the vehicle with bullets.

At this point, sad to say, I don't think anybody-- red, yellow, government official, Thaksin and his family--is safe from the Wild West politics that have developed recently.

I guess all that black magic Sondhi Lim, the Tampax Brahman, was doing can't stop bullets.


The Nation

Sondhi Limthongkul is in serious condition after being shot as a bullet hit his left skull. The bullet is still in his skull, causing bleeding inside his brain, Vajira Hospital Director Dr Chaiwun Charoenchoktavee said Friday.


The attackers then shot four tyres of Sondhi's vehicle before stepping out of their car and sprayed more bullets on the car. The attack lasted about five minutes and the attackers went back to their pickup which sped away along Tevet Road.

Police who rushed to the scene found Sondhi's car riddled with bullets and they could collect more than cartridges of AK-16 and rifles from the scene.

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Anonymous said...

Fonzi have you seen the (idiotic) comments at BPundit lately pertaining to the Sondhi L. shooting?

All I can deduce from that story (and the story about the bungled attempt on Thaksin years ago) is: Thai assassins are disgracefully inept and must be both inadequately trained and even more inadequately paid. By that knowledge alone, I must deduce also that Thai assassins must have been from the Thai army or Thai police bred.

I pass on this piece of wisdom specially to Thaksin so he may see the logic of returning to face all his judicial cases awaiting.