Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thaksin and UAE Extradition: Why does the Bangkok Post Tell Lies?

Bangkok Post:

The Foreign Ministry of the United of Arab Emirates (UAE) is ready to cooperate with the Thai government in extraditing outlawed former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra, Foreign Minister Kasit Piromya's assistant Panit Wikitset said on Thursday.

Notice that the Bangkok Post just takes the word of Panit as fact without actually checking with the foreign ministry in the UAE.

Unfortunately, Thaksin had already left the country.

Nice editorial there.

Mr Panit and Deputy Commerce Minister Alongkorn Ponlaboot were assigned by Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva as special envoys to forward the arrest warrants for Thaksin to the UAE Foreign Ministry and police.

The UAE can't just capriciously arrest Thaksin and extradite him on a Thai arrest warrant on the say so of a Thai government that wishes to shut him up for political reasons.

The envoys visited Abu Dhabi from Sunday to Tuesday and were tasked with negotiating with the UAE authorities to extradite the ousted premier.

The Bangkok Post can be just as worthless and crap as The Nation. Typically, extradition is matter of law, not a matter of politics. You can't negotiate an extradition process. Power must have gone to Abhisit's head. Now he thinks he's master of the universe and his emergency decree transcends borders.

Mr Panit said UAE officials told him that Thaksin had entered their country as a businessman on March 27. The UAE government later notified Thaksin that it would not be appropriate for him to stay in the country any longer because he used the country as a base for his political activities.

Right, and what evidence do we have for this? I have been blogging so long, it is easy to see patterns of poor fact checking and editing. The editors at the Bangkok Post are either lazy or politically motivated, because they never ever check the facts of a puuyai to confirm what they are saying is true.

Mr Panit said the UAE government had already received the arrest warrants for Thaksin from the International Criminal Police Organisation, or Interpol. The UAE insisted it would not let Thaksin re-enter the country if he continued to organise political activities there, he said.

Interpol doesn't issue arrest warrants. Another outrageous lie.

Mr Panit said he had briefed Foreign Minister Kasit on the negotiations.

Like most Thai bureaucrats, he probably took a vacation on the taxpayer's satang and just made stuff up.

Just one more example of the intellectual, moral and ethnical bankruptcy of the Thai media.

Here is interpol on the extradition process.


hobby said...

According to The Nation, he's now in Liberia.

Your the historian Fonzi, can we read any symbolism into that move???


Unknown said...

"Thaksin and UAE Extradition: Why does the Bangkok Post Tell Lies?"

Why does it tell lies? Becuase the editorial staff are mainly Thais of course. Most Thais are completely unable to distinguish fact from their own fantasy.