Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Two Faces of Suthichai Yoon

Sia Yoon's recent column on reconciliation:

Abhisit will have to unplug the country from its obsession with Thaksin's every move and statement. To achieve that, he will have to initiate moves that will address what I would call the "red-shirt agenda" - as distinct from "Thaksin's personal goals".

Maybe Sia Yoon should unplug himself from his own Thaksin obsessed Matrix.

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Anonymous said...


blog thaienews recently made few posts about ASTV and Yoon too. it is interesting to know that Yoon had an old beef with Thaksin regarding business. thaienews provides the storyline and details - as well as all the Yoon's "children" - as even Sorayudh.

it's a shame it is not available in Engl !
and thaienews neither facilitates Comments - to requests them to make a translation.

I think thaienews should seriously consider having their materials translated into English, or may be opening a second blog / page of their materials posted in Enlgish. they surely do have people for that - because regularly they post some translated stuff from Engl. to Thai.

perhaps anyone here has means to tell them that ?