Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Not the Nation: Batrapob, the Caped Crusader

Not the Nation

Fugitive politician Jakrapob Penkair, who vanished from Thailand in the early days of last week’s UDD protests, appeared publically for the first time in today in Singapore where he spoke to the press while wearing a full Batman costume. The Thaksin supporter spoke of plans underway to build a “vast, underground network of tunnels” as a base for the Red Shirts, who would now operate nocturnally.

“ Bangkok is infested with a disease, and we are the cure,” he said cryptically from behind a heavy black mask attached to a cowl and cape. “Our methods are silent and invisible. Our movements are undetectable. We will strike from the dark and bring fear into the hearts of the enemy.”

Jakrapob did not elaborate on exactly who the enemy was, although he insisted that it was not the PAD. “We did not try to kill Sondhi,” he said, referring to the recent gun attack on PAD leader Sonthi Limthongkul. “Bullets are the clumsy weapons of the greater enemy.”

Responding to the arrest warrant against him and allegations of lese majeste, Jakrapob said cryptically, “There are four kings in the deck, but only two Jokers. Who has the real power?”

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Anonymous said...

Jakrapob, as you recently observed Fonzi, must have really lost his marbles and truly gone batty.

Bats are dangerously rabid I've read somewhere.