Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Tulsie Still Feeling the effects of 420

The Nation

Ever wondered why animals don't vote? Well, because they are more practical and realistic than you.

If you want the leadership of a pride of lions, you will have to take down the incumbent chief. We have never heard of disgruntled bees attempting to elect a new queen. And despite some cute, animated portrayals, we all know that ants are some of the most savage creatures when it comes to political change - and they never use ballot boxes.

You humans invented me, Democracy, because you didn't truly believe in natural selection. Fine, because I was born out of the belief that many heads are better than one, and to serve many needs is better than serving just one man's desire. Let's just say that while the initial purpose was noble, you all failed to make it stay that way.

How you went from a man serving multiple needs to many men serving a single need, I can never know. The best I can guess is that you only see in me what you want to see. Nobody has ever seen me as a whole. As a result, a tool for peace has become a weapon of war.

Sometimes I think I need to hit the 420 just to understand Tulsie's incoherent ramblings most of the time.

How crap like this makes it into print I will never know.

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